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The Raider Read, 10/9

Hello, it's Friday, which means it's only one day away from game day.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In around the conference news, Baylor and TCU literally cannot stop spray painting each other's property.

Always good to see that TCU and Baylor do rivalries like middle schoolers flirt.

You wanna relive some sadness this morning? Check out this loud gif of a football whizzing behind Patrick Mahomes's head set to some nice relaxing piano tunes.

From the LAJ, defensive end Branden Jackson has long enjoyed success against Iowa State. He's had something like 4 TFL and 2 sacks over the past two years when he plays the Cyclones. We desperately need our defensive line to step up this week/season, so let's hope he can put on a repeat performance.

The spread for this game is only 11. I know that Iowa State has improved a little bit, but so have we. I'm attaching a poll to this, tell the world what you think about the spread.

There was a fan at the Texas A&M game last weekend who got so drunk he thought he was at the Baylor-Tech game. I will take it as a compliment. Aggies, we in your head now

The past two weeks of football have made me very sad. I have found a video that makes me not as sad. Please watch this and feel good, because we're probably gonna get a win tomorrow. At least we hope.