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The Raider Read: 10/8

Links, musings and stories of all that is Texas Tech for your Thursday

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Hard to believe that with all the highs and lows that have come in Tech's first 5 games, that we still have another 7 to go! It all starts this Saturday with Iowa State, but first lets take a look at other Red Raider news from around the country.

Iowa State

The Dallas Morning News has 5 things that Tech fans should know about Iowa State.

ESPN did a Q&A with Zach Austin after his big game against Baylor.


New 2017 5-Star O-Line commit Jack Anderson had this to say about his goals when he arrives on campus:

"There was a time when Texas Tech used to beat Baylor and TCU by a bunch of points. My dad told me about watching some of those games," Anderson said. "My goal is to help bring back that prior glory. I think history will repeat itself, Tech will be back on top and I can't wait to be a part of it."

Anderson also tweeted this:

Speaking of recruits. The best recruitment is always word of mouth. Turns out 2016 commit, Mandeville LB, Johnathan Picone is turning into a recruiter himself.

Viva the Matadors has just one thing to say about that...

For Basketball Fans, Tech star Toddrick Gotcher has an event he wants everyone to come to...

Stay tuned to Viva The Matadors for all things Texas Tech!