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The Air Raid Podcast: Raider Read Edition 10/6

Hunter, Jonathan and Ryan work hospital wi-fi to talk Baylor aftermath and looking ahead to Iowa State

This should have been up Sunday night, but I wasn't able to upload it because I welcomed a future Red Raider into my family Sunday night. Several of my wife's nurses were Texas Tech grads including Spencer and Lauren out at Presby Dallas. Special thank you to both of them. Spencer did a great job taking care of my wife and Lauren cleaned up by son and we all celebrated as a Red Raider family. Proving that "Everyday, I AM A RED RAIDER".

Also wanted to note that another Red Raider Alum and current DL coach Mike Smith and his wife welcomed another baby to their clan on Thursday, October 1st. From all the Red Raiders out there and all the writers here at Viva The Matadors, we wish mother, Emily, and baby, Kennedy all the best in the world. Love you guys!

It was a short podcast due to the circumstances, but we will be adding more to the weekly block and shorter in length as well.

Leave us comments and questions to answer in the next podcast and get ready, because big things are coming for VTM!

Apologies for the volume levels. We'll work it out and appreciate the feedback on some new things we'll be trying in the podcast. Let's get it and enjoy!

Air Raid Podcast 10-4-15