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VTM Meetup/Tailgate

Come hang out, have a few drinks (or don't if that's your style) and talk some football in real life

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends, this weekend our staff is planning to meet up at Cricket's Bar and Grill on University at 11:30 AM for some drinks and some fun before the game against the OSU Cowboys! I'm gonna try and get there early and snag a fairly sized table, as we don't know how many will show up, but better safe than sorry, right?

I would love to get a tailgate put together, but I'm pretty poor, and blogging about football doesn't exactly pay all the bills. Eventually we're going to get a proper tailgate together, but until then, a bar is going to have to do. Due to my excessive poorness, I don't have a ticket to the game, so I will be watching the game from the bar (Note: 10 Things article this week might be a little late because I'm not taking my laptop to a bar).

I'm including a picture of the shirt I'm going to wear, so y'all can find us easily. Bring your friends, significant others (if they can stand the barrel fire hot takes), dogs (does Crickets allow dogs?), whatever. I'm also extending this to our pals at Cowboys Ride For Free.

^ it me

Hope to see y'all there!