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Running Routes: OSU Week

Taking a look at the OU game and what to look for vs Oklahoma State from the eyes of a player


Big game this weekend against Oklahoma State. Its a possible clincher for bowl eligiblity... which didn't use to be a big hurdle, but it's where we are right now in our rebuilding process. It's also Halloween. Things get crazy in the Jones around Halloween and we are hoping for a great showing to get the team back on track. But first, lets discuss the Oklahoma game and what Tramain's take on it was... then on to OSU.

VTM: First off, what were your overall thoughts on the game?

TS: Overall Tech played hard just had a few plays that didn't go their way early in the game that put them in a hole. OU's run game was tough throughout the game as well.

VTM: For the second straight week, Mahomes has not looked like he's seeing the field well. Not sure if he's getting through his reads or not, but there were definitely some guys coming open but he just didn't see them. But for sure, his footwork is off and he doesn't have a good touch on the ball right now. Case in point, the last INT of the half... should have been a lofted, back shoulder throw, but it was a bullet to the inside. Could that be a miscommunication? Should that have been more of a slant play or did he just completely miss?

TS: Mahomes is human. He is going to make mistakes. People can't expect him not to make a mistake. That pick at the end of the half was a big one though. Tech needed that score. It was a great decision on 1 on 1 coverage, the ball just needed to be more on the outside shoulder of the receiver. I'm sure Mahomes knew that too and wants another shot at that throw.

VTM: It looked like the offense was trying to get the ball out quick on the outside to create one on one matches thinking our WR's could make their DB's miss. A lot like you were saying on Thursday. That didn't work out terribly well. What did you see there?

TS: Yea OU's DBs did a great job of tackling Tech's receivers. I'm sure that was a big emphasis in practice for OU.

VTM:  It also looked like at times Tech's WR's couldn't create space. What technique, if any, would you have used or told the guys to help them create separation?

TS: I would have to watch the film of the game. I can't really tell from watching a broadcast of the game of what technique should have been used on certain routes. It seems like OU was just in the right places at the right times.

VTM: What adjustments are you looking for from the offense in Saturday's game?

TS: Once again I'm looking for them to start fast and get the rhythm of the offense going early. Having that momentum after that 1st drive is big.

VTM: Is this the game Tech clinches and if not, what game do we become bowl eligible?

TS: OSU is the next game on the schedule. That's what they have to focus on. Each game you want to win. This will be the game to do it and become bowl eligible.

VTM:  How many wins do you see us finishing with, with 4 games to go?

TS: With pretty much the top of the Big 12 out the way. It's no reason why Tech should lose anymore games. OSU will be tough but Tech is back home after a nasty loss. The next 4 games are wins.

VTM: Prediction for the OSU game?

TS: Tech 45 OSU 35