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For This Week, Don't Wreck 'Em.

Out of respect for the victims of last week's tragedy in Stillwater, use of the phrase wreck 'em should be curtailed this week.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This afternoon I read a tweet. It's a shocking statement from the man who is perpetually scrolling through twitter but bear with me. The particular tweet I'm referencing is the one pictured below.

We here at Viva the Matadors will be participating in a one week moratorium on the phrase "Wreck em" to be sensitive to those affected by the tragedy in Stillwater last weekend. Instead, get your guns up (a hand sign used by both schools). I encourage every one of you Red Raiders to participate and give this movement traction.

If you are unaware of why saying wreck OSU or wreck 'em in general this week please allow me to inform you. Last week was Oklahoma State's Homecoming weekend. As is the case with most homecomings, OSU held a parade to celebrate the festivities. During that parade a woman under the influence crashed her car into the crowds, killing four and injuring at least 46 others. Read more about the event here if you would like but I won't speak further on the event.

This tragedy has left many families devastated as well as the entire community of Oklahoma State University. On behalf of Viva the Matadors we send out our thoughts and prayers to the victims of this tragedy, their families, and the Oklahoma State community. I couldn't possibly imagine what any of you are going through.

One of the greatest parts of being in a college football conference is the common bond brought about by the conference. The Big XII is a family, and right now one of our family members is hurting deeply. If not saying the words "wreck em" will help those folks in Stillwater I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to do it. Though a tweet or facebook post might slip out with an accidental wreck em but if it does, please remove it as quickly as possible.

Texas Tech has a history and a culture of being rowdy and rambunctious  in terms of how our fans behave. However, one aspect of Texas Tech culture that often goes unpublicized is the community's ability to be sensitive when the situation requires it. When any player goes down with an injury in the Jones, Red Raiders fall silent and reverently hold their guns up to respect the injured player, regardless of the color on their jersey.

If we do this for injured football players, it isn't unreasonable to ask that we do it for others associated with a rival team. Holster your wreck ems for this week and instead hold your guns up in reverence to those affected by this tragedy.

Let's promote this campaign to sideline wreck em for a week, because in this Big XII family we help our brothers and sisters up when they fall down, we don't kick them. Let us truly strive for honor this week Red Raiders with our guns up.