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Monday Press Conference: 10/26

Kingsbury, Gibbs, Morris and Micah Awe talk to the media on Monday after the OU loss

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This point in the season feels a lot worse for fans than it should. 5-3 is 5-3. Lot to be excited about. I think it was more of the margin of defeat than the defeat itself that is disappointing to fans.

Kliff Kingsbury



Not a whole lot of new information here. Again with as much attention on the loss at Oklahoma as it's getting, its more about the margin of defeat than anything else. I suspect a lot of people are taking it as a sign of things to come, not just on the defensive side, but with regards to the offensive struggles as well.

I will just point out that the previous offensive coordinator at Tech had single digits in offensive scoring 3 times. Which hasn't happened once under Kingsbury. Yes the offense is struggling, but it's still well ahead of where we were. And during a rebuilding process (in the grand scheme of things) that's really what we want.