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Offensive Grades: Texas Tech vs Oklahoma

Wow, that was bad.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Tech offense has been bad two weeks in a row now. Everyone was hoping that the performance against Kansas was just a fluke because the team didn't properly prepare for a bad team. Against Oklahoma, things weren't clicking again. If they don't get it together soon then things could end ugly this season.

Overall Grade: D+

The Red Raiders just couldn't get anything going against Oklahoma. Patrick Mahomes threw for just 233 yards and had 4 interceptions to just 1 touchdown. The run game averaged a mere 4.3 yards a carry on 40 attempts which isn't horrible but it's not great either.

Quarterback Grade: D

Patrick Mahomes just hasn't looked the same the past two games. He threw for only 233 yards while completing 26 of 40 pass attempts (65%). Four of those incompletions resulted in interceptions. One of the interceptions was the result of a freak display of athleticism by Eric Striker who returned it to the 3 yard line which led to an Oklahoma touchdown. Mahomes also threw an interception in the endzone towards the end of the first half, a score there would have cut into the OU lead and it would have been 28-24 heading into halftime. Mahomes was overthrowing and underthrowing guys which isn't what we're used to seeing from him. I'm really surprised we didn't see Davis Webb come into the game sooner than he did. If Mahomes doesn't play up to par against Oklahoma State it wouldn't surprise me if Webb comes in and gets a chance.

Running Back Grade: B-

The Red Raiders didn't have too much luck running the ball against OU. DeAndre Washington ran for 94 yards on 19 carries (4.9 avg) and found the endzone for a touchdown. Justin Stockton carried the ball 6 times for 31 yards. I'm surprised he didn't get more opportunities. Mahomes also had 15 rushing attempts for 47 yards. Texas Tech only had 172 yards on the ground and had to resort to airing it out after falling behind by multiple touchdowns.

Wide Receiver Grade: B-

Against Oklahoma, the wide receivers had a hard time getting open. No one had one of those standout type of games. For the most part there's been a guy who shows up and has a nice game but this wasn't the case against OU. One good thing though was that the drops were cut down which is always nice to see. Both Jakeem Grant and Reginald Davis led the team with 7 catches each. Grant had 55 yards and Davis added 52 yards of his own and a touchdown.

Offensive Line Grade: F

The offensive line had numerous senseless penalties and allowed 4 sacks to OU. The past two weeks the o-line has looked like they've reverted back to playing 2014-style of football. They have to step their game up against Oklahoma State and for the rest of the season. Many people say the game is won in the trenches, so if we keep losing up front then we'll keep losing which could result in a nightmare ending to the season.

Week 8 MVP: WR Reginald Davis