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Running Routes: OU Week

Tramain Swindall sits down with VTM again to talk the rough day at Kansas and getting ready for OU week!


Hey Tramain, time to do a quick recap of that awful Neal Brown of a showing against Kansas and then on to the OU stuff haha.

VTM:  So that was pretty awful to watch. Is this a case of an off day, or is it more of Mahomes coming back down to earth?

TS: Definitely think it was an off day. Tech has never really been an 11am kickoff type of team. I can tell you while I was playing it wasn't easy to get ready to play for those 11am games. KU having a half empty stadium also didnt help the cause either hahaha.

VTM: What's it like to be on a sideline and things aren't clicking? Is it a helpless feeling?

TS: Yes it can be frustrating but you always gotta have that feeling that the next possession you will go out and execute how you're suppose to to get it going.

VTM: The defense really showed up and won the game for Tech against Kansas. Which is the only good thing that I saw. How important is it for that unit going forward to know they can win the game without the offense clicking on all cylinders?

TS: It is very important because the offense may not be able to carry the team every game and for the defense to be able to step up and make the stops when they were needed is a huge confidence booster going forward.

VTM: What jumped out at you for the cause of the offenses struggles on Saturday?

TS: I seen a lot of over thrown balls more than usual. Other then that KU's defense did a good job of putting pressure on Pat and making it tough for him to make the throws he usually makes.

VTM: So on to OU week. You've beaten OU in 2007 (though redshirted), in the 2009 revenge game, and in 2011 in Norman. Did the team feel like a true rival to OU or is it just another game on the schedule?

TS: OU week!!! Gotta love it!! I get chills everytime I think about a Tech vs OU game. Hecks yea OU is a rival! We've broken their hearts too many times for them not to be a rival. Going all the way back to the 05 game when Taurean Henderson stretched over the goaline as time expired.

VTM: I have to ask the obvious question. I was at the game in 2008 and from an offensive standpoint the numbers weren't bad, but it just seemed like nothing really clicked especially in that 2nd quarter. What was the feeling on the sideline?

TS: Man that game was a nightmare. We struggled bad that game. OU came out firing and we couldnt keep up. It didn't help that it felt like -20 degrees that night too. On the sideline we were stunned and confused. We felt we could give them a lot better game than we did.

VTM: Do you ever think back on that game and want a do-over?

TS: Of course!! We were #2 in the NATION!! So close to the National Championship game!! CRAZY!!

VTM: You went 4 for 50 and a TD in 2008. Is there a play that you personally wanted back or were you pleased with your individual performance?

TS: I think i played ok. Can't remember a play that I would want to do over. Just wish us as a team was able to play better and execute when we needed to. That game will always be stuck in the back in my mind.

VTM: How satisfying was it to blow out OU in 2009? Was it something that was on the minds of the players that year? Did you know the PA system was planning to do the "jump around" if y'all started to blow them out?

TS: 2009 game was a sweet feeling. We were so ready that game. We wanted that revenge forsure. But no we didn't know they were going to play the "jump around" song if we were blowing them out. I think that's what made it that much sweeter.

VTM: In 2011... I was at that game as well... every team is different, but what was so different about that year that made that game look so easy? If only in 2008 came to my mind.

TS: That game was so unique. From the rain delay, to eating PB&Js during the delay, to OU missing point blank FGs I mean it was just meant to be that night. As a team though we jumped on them early and made big plays. Torro with 3 out of his 4 catches for TDs. That was HUGE. But yes if only if 2008 game went our way like that too lol.

VTM: What makes OU so difficult to play? Is it a mental thing, or is it really just a David v Goliath talent situation for players?

TS: Difficult to play? Didn't notice lol. Nah but OU has so much tradition in a way that they feel like every team is intimidated to play them. You can't go into OU with that mindset. Yes the stadium is huge and the crowd is loud and on top of you. But having the mentality that they are just another team on the schedule will do wonders.

VTM: Going against an OU corner, did you ever feel out of our league?

TS: Hahaha not at all.

VTM: From year to year, was there an OU secondary player you loved to get in the face of? Ever get too chippy?

TS: Haha oh yea my dawg Dominique Franks. We had some good trash talk during our games never too chippy though

VTM: What would you tell the young guys on the team about playing in Norman?

TS: Be excited!! A lot of teams don't get close to beating OU at home. Enjoy the experience and don't think too much about the surroundings. Just play football.

VTM: What would you like to see the offense do to set the tone next week?

TS: To have some explosives plays to quiet the crowd early in the game. I look for Stockton to set that tone with some huge plays using his speed.

VTM:  I'm saving the rest for the pod we are wanting to get you on, heck even some of these might be on there... but how do you see the game going next week? OU coming off their best win and Tech coming off their worse performance.

TS: Yea OU dominated KSU so they feel they're back and ready to make a late season push but with Tech coming in with all of their weapons healthy. Could be for a great game. The defense will be key if they can contain Mayfield.

VTM: Haha I know that was a lot but its OU week. Thanks for all your help and looking forward to talking on the podcast!

TS: It's all good!! Excited for the game!!