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Monday Press Conference 10/19

Kingsbury and company talk the challenges facing the team going into Norman on Saturday

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a shaky performance in Kansas, Tech fans have gotten anxious about the upcoming game in Norman.

Kliff Kingsbury


  1. LeRaven Clark should be good to go on Saturday despite the "Day-to-Day" response.
  2. You can never tell how 18-22 year olds are going to play. Could have had a great week of practice and then not show up on Saturday. Fans may be all over the team for their performance, but it happens. Kingsbury wants to take the blame officially, but the team knows it's on them to be mentally prepared and come out and play. It happens at every level.
  3. Kingsbury said he "gave his best halftime speech" and the team didn't respond. This sounds like an issue of coaching... the inability to inspire the team... but I'm sure the team was so in their own heads, the words weren't taken to heart.
  4. Kingsbury seems very frustrated that Tech keeps playing down to weak opponents and not playing like they did against Iowa State. But comparatively, its trending in the right direction.
  5. The Mayfield storyline is too played up according to Kingsbury. "That was 21 months ago".



  1. Probably the most pleased Gibbs has ever sounded about his Defense's performance... for about 20 seconds. Then right into... "didn't play smart".
  2. I love how sarcastic Gibbs is with the Media. He'd rather be anywhere but talking to the media. It's awesome.
  3. "You tell me... I'm all ears baby" on where do you start on defense haha
  4. Media gets testy with these comments. "Saying your team can't cover their wide receivers..." "Have I lied to you yet?" "... is that a message to your team?" hahaha
  5. "If it's talking to the press just to talk to the press it doesn't do any good". If this was a football game it would start to be chippy.
  6. Eric Morris has head coach in his future. You can tell how he prepares and talks to the media that at some point, some where he wants to be the head guy. Good for him. Been very impressed.