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Texas Tech Defensive Grades: Week 7

When the Offense struggled this week, the Defense took care of business.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

What a surprising game this turned out to be. While it seemed the Offense was nursing a hangover the Defense stepped in and bailed the team out in the final minutes of the game. There was solid play from all three groups this week against Kansas. They won the turnover battle this week including a pick six to help seal the deal. Let's look at this week's grades

Overall Grade: B-

This week the Defense was able to hold off Kansas and keep the Red Raiders in the game. This is only Kansas who has struggled on the offense most of the year, but the Defense made improvements from last week. They gave up some yards in the passing game, but had their best showing against the rush this year so far. Keeping Kansas to only 145yds rushing.

DL Grade: B-

The DL improved this week with helping stop the run and getting some pressure on the QB with Branden Jackson and Pete Robertson both getting a sack and forcing a fumble. Hopefully this week's intensity carries over moving forward.

DB Grade: B-

This group was a little more consistent this week. They helped in stopping the run and overall had a good showing this week. Freshman D'Vonta Hinton had a good game coming in second in tackles, to Micah Awe. I like that this group has a couple freshmen that will be around for a few more years and should only get better.

DB Grade: B-

This group may have given up some yardage through the air but it also helped put the game away when the offense couldn't. I'm of course talking about Jah'Shawn Johnson's pick six. Where he bobbed and weaved to the house to make it a two possession game late in the fourth. He had another pick in the next drive that was brought back by penalties. This group is still young and making improvements. Giving them more time in this system I see they could do some great things moving forward.

Now to the defensive MVP. This week was an easy one and for the second time this year the MVP goes to..

Defensive MVP: Jah'Shawn Johnson