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10 Thoughts on Texas Tech @ Kansas


Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

1. Our defense feels less like a Bend But Don't Break defense and more like a Big Gain Or Big Loss defense.

We either hit someone behind the line of scrimmage for a 2 yard loss or give up a run play of 11. I don't profess to be an expert in football, but a Bend But Don't Break defense can't give up big plays. I think we have an identity crisis between the aggressiveness of our players and the way Gibbs wants them to play. It's gonna take some more time to settle into the system, but it's still frustrating.

2. This was a very sloppy game.

No excuse for that. We have to be able to execute on downs that aren't third in order to be classified as a good team. Drops, poor blocking, missed reads, we just played bad all around. Terrible football.

3. We were not ready for the physicality of the Kansas Jayhawks.

I do not like this omen. This is not good. They got a considerable push on our veteran OL. I really hope this was just an off game and we aren't regressing to 2014.

4. Welp, Patrick Mahomes is not literally Jesus.

And that's okay. He is still a very, very good quarterback. You're allowed to have an off day every now and then. We're just lucky his came against Kansas.

5. LeRaven Clark's 2 Point Conversion was one of my favorite plays this year.

I don't care who we're playing. How can you not love this? The man has worked his butt off the entire season in relative obscurity, and he gets the go-ahead to catch a football and make a play. Simply awesome.

6. 4 Sacks


7. Field Goals suck and are awful.

Has there been any greater indicator of the terribleness of field goals than Kansas's kicking woes in the first half? Seriously Beaty, go for it. You ain't gonna hurt nothing.

8. DeAndre Washington literally took out 4 defenders with one block.

I don't have video for you, but he took out two and ran the other two pursuers out of the play by creating a pile. It was an incredible play that's par for the course for an incredible player.

9. I'm not okay with this performance, but i'm happy with the win.

We played like crap and still won. We normally lose when we do that. I still believe that this is a good team that just didn't have their best day today.

10. We said all week long that we wanted Tech to treat this like a bye week, and we got what we wanted.

This reeks of poor preparation and a light week of practice. We wanted to relax a little bit against Kansas and ISU, and we got the performance that happens when you take teams lightly.