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Defense Rescues Offense in 30-20 Victory Over Kansas

Full Game Recap, Notes and Quotes

Oh my goodness was that a lot more interesting than it should have been. Tech gets caught looking ahead to Oklahoma next week, but survives as the defense saves the day... which to be honest, is a good thing. How did Tech find themselves in such a close game? Lets take a look.

1st Quarter:

The first drive would end up being telling for how the day would be won for Texas Tech. After receiving first, Kansas drove into Tech territory only to be forced to a field goal try and missed it. On Tech's first drive, Mahomes would throw an interception in the end zone looking for Jah'Deion High to kill the drive. Tech's D would hold find against Kansas, but wouldn't get on the board until Clayton Hatfield hit a 30 yard field goal with 0:36 left in the quarter.

End of 1st Qtr: Texas Tech 3.... Kansas 0

2nd Quarter:

Texas Tech's defense continued to be strong forcing a Kansas fumble early in the 2nd quarter and Tech's offense would finally get rolling as Tech worked a short field and DeAndre Washington runs it in from the 1 to put Tech up 9-0. In a surprising move, Kingsbury goes for 2 and converts giving Tech an 11-0 lead.

Tech's defense would force another punt and 2 missed field goals by Kansas, but Tech's offense continued to look out of sync. What would turn out to be the last offensive touchdown of the day, Mahomes would hit Reginald Davis for a 45 yard TD strike.

Halftime: Texas Tech 20.... Kansas 0

3rd Quarter:

Tech would start the second half with the ball and just never got on track. After a punt and a missed FG attempt from 48 yards, Tech's defense still held strong and forced a fumble to continue to give Tech's offense a chance.

That would be about all from of the Tech offense as Kansas started their comeback. After forcing a punt, Devin Lauderdale would fumble the ball and give Kansas a short field and a chance to get on the board. Ryan Willis would hit Darious Crowley from 10 yards out to cut the lead to 20-6. Perhaps too late of a start to the comeback, but enough to make Red Raider fans all over the country extremely anxious.

With 5:36 left in the 3rd, Tech get's on the board with Hatfield's third FG conversion, this time from 25 yards out. Another chance in the red zone squandered. Tech leads 23-6.

End of 3rd Qtr: Texas Tech 23.... Kansas 6

4th Quarter:

With 10:09 left in the game, Ryan Willis would hit Tre' Parmalee from 25 yards out to get Kansas within 10 at 23-13. With Tech's offense showing no signs of getting on track, 10 points is a little too close for comfort.

Tech would punt and Kansas would march down the field and score on a Taylor Cox 1 yard TD run putting Kansas within 3. 23-20.

Kansas would force Tech to punt on again and start a potential game tying/winning drive from their own 7 yard line. That's when Jah'Shawn Johnson would take over. Facing a 3rd ans 6 from their own 11, Willis would be picked off by Johnson and Johnson would return it for a Tech touchdown to put the game out of reach. Tech escapes with a 10 point victory.

FINAL: Texas Tech 30.... Kansas 20

Game Notes:

Texas Tech had 584 yards of Total Offense compared to 475 for Kansas

Texas Tech won the turnover battle 3-2

Patrick Mahomes goes 30/51 for 359 yards and 1 TD

DeAndre Washington ran for 160 yards on 22 carries and 1 TD

Zach Austin led Tech with 8 rec for 80 yards

Ja'Shawn Johnson returned an INT for a TD. The 2nd game sealing forced turnover this year (Arkansas)

Prediction vs. Reality

My Prediction: Texas Tech 45 - ISU 17 (7-0, 4-0)

Reality: Really saw this one coming. Not quite as bad on offense obviously, but this is a trap game. Tech never seems to play cleanly early in the day and definitely got caught looking ahead to Oklahoma next week. Good news, defense stepped up when they were asked to and sealed the victory without help from the offense.

You can find my full season predictions here.

Post Game Conference

Kliff Kingsbury


Next Week: vs. Oklahoma at Gaylord-Memorial Stadium, Norman, 2:30pm kickoff.

As always, tell us what you thought of the game. The good and the bad and what needs to happen going into next week. You can send questions for the mailbag to me on twitter @avcoachsmith or in the comments below, titled Mailbag. You can also submit questions for the podcast and we will answer them on Sunday.