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Running Routes: Iowa State

In this week's Running Routes, Ryan and Tramain talk Iowa State, Coaching Changes and looking ahead to Kansas


Before we start, have to throw a huge congrats to Tramain as he got married last weekend. I, for one, couldn't be happier for him and his beautiful family. All the best man!

RS: Last week, you said you thought the Defense would respond in a big way. Did the D, respond in a way you thought, or did they do better or worse?

TS: I think the defense played a lot better. It was nice to see them get an interception on their 1st possession on defense. Great play by Madison by the way.

RS: As a lengthy receiver, you are about a complete opposite from Jakeem Grant. How were you used to attack defenses when you played. And can you help yourself from critiquing routes when you watch or is mainly just sitting back and enjoying watching?

TS: I mainly was used to find the open spots in the zones while I played "H" and "Y". I didn't have the ability to catch the ball anywhere on the field and run circles around everybody haha. Jakeem is a gifted little man lol.

RS: Tony Brown was your big guy to watch going forward. Obviously, every week is different in how an offense attacks, but after a 3 for 44 performance, did anyone else jump out at your against Iowa State that you're excited about?

TS: I saw a lot of young guys step up and make plays. J Giles and J High stuck out to me though. Stepped up a key moments.

RS: It was a pretty complete win. It reminded a lot of Tech fans what games were like when Tech games didn't always come down to the last minute or within a touchdown. Did you see anything that concerns you on either side of the ball going forward?

TS: If Tech can play a complete game like that every game no reason why they should lose again. Tech has a lot of young talent that seems hungry to prove what they can do. Excited to see how they will continue to improve from here on out.

RS: What are the biggest things you're looking for against Kansas to give optimism to fans going into Norman the next week?

TS: I'm looking for Tech to put up a lot of points again. With all 3 sides of the ball playing lights out. They need a convincing win going into Norman.

RS:  If you had to choose an offense to play in, would you choose Leach's Air Raid or Kingsbury's?

TS: Tough question, I would have to say Mike Leach's Air Raid. Leach was a genius with running the Air Raid with whatever players he had. He always seemed to make it effective for us to thrive in. Kingsbury's is definitely fun to watch though.

RS: Last week, we talked about your highest high playing at Tech. What was your lowest low?

TS: Lowest low would have be when the coaching change happen. My Jr and Sr years were embarrassing. To think my production as a RS FR BACKUP was just as much as my Jr and Sr combined. To be told each game my Sr year I wasn't going to rotate that much in the game just took everything out of me mentally. Knowing what I had done in the past and what i still could do to help the team was just shot down. When I did have the opportunities I made the best of them hinting the OU catch. And crazy thing is they were wanting to take me out before that play. I believe everything happens for a reason and life lessons were learned. I still always wonder "what if" though.

RS: Tell me one formation and play that when the call came in, your eyes lit up because you knew it was all you and going to be a big play?

TS: Back when Leach was coaching Ace 96 shakes was the play my eyes lit up on if I was in. I actually scored on that play in 08 at OU.

RS: On any given play, what are you looking for in the defense? Do you look for your route reads or just trying to get to the spot for timing?

TS: It all depends on how the defense is lined up. You can determine if its man or zone by how they are lining up. Once you determine man or zone you might have to adjust your route depending on which defense it is. That comes natural with watching film on that team during the week.

RS: What's your prediction for the Kansas game?

TS: TECH 66 ku 21

RS: And last question, it's only 6 games this year, but so far where would you rank Mahomes on the storied list of Tech Air Raid quarterbacks?

TS: Top 10 forsure. Too early to put him up on the list with the Cumbies and Harrells.