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The Raider Read - 10/14

As we inch closer to Game Day in Lawrence, Coach Smith was given a great honor, and a look at how Tech can win, or lose, against the mighty Jayhawks

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It was announced this week that Tubby would be receiving the John R. Wooden Legends of Coaching this April. Named after the legendary coach who has records that still stand, this award has been handed out since 1999, and recipients include Coach K, Dean Smith, and Roy Williams. Stellar company to be included with, and a congratulations to Coach!

Although it seems like it just ended, the annual Red and Black series for fall baseball is almost here.This will be the end of fall practice for the boys before practice for the season begins in January. All games will be open to the public, and the rosters and start times for the games will be announced soon.

Game 1 - Friday 10/30

Game 2 - Sunday 11/1

Game 3 - Friday 11/6

Game 4 - Sunday 11/8

Game 5 - Monday 11/9 or Tuesday 11/10

Five vs Five

In a new series that I will have each week the rest of the season, I'll list 5 reasons Tech will win the upcoming game, and 5 reasons Tech will not.

5 Ways Tech Loses To Kansas

  1. Tech starts reading the headlines. A 30 point favorite, one of the top offenses in the nation, there's no way we lose this. However, just like Oklahoma found out last week, if the better team isn't ready to play, an inferior opponent can jump on the favorite and completely disrupt the gameplan.
  2. Mahomes thrives under pressure and in front of big crowds. Pat is used to playing in front of 55,000+ screaming Red Raiders (or Razorbacks). This game will be the smallest crowd he will see this year. He might see more people in a family game during Christmas break back in Whitehouse. The announced attendance last week was 25,910, but the pictures during the game showed a different story with a bare stadium.He won;t be used to it and it will confuse him, leading to his first bad start.
  3. Kliff decides to test out Jakeem at QB just to get him some more passing TDs and he throws 6 picks
  4. The apocalypse happens and the game is forfeit. Kansas wins since they will be the home team
  5. Kansas has been holding back all year and this is the one game they REALLY want to win. They come out with an unstoppable force and limit Tech to only 6 points
5 Ways Tech Beats Kansas
  1. The offense fires on all cylinders, dominating KU, and just like in the Baylor game, the starters come out at halftime with no pads on. Webb, Shimonek, and Sullins split time in the 2nd half, making the game somewhat painless in the 2nd half.
  2. Gibbs defense really comes together in Lawrence, stopping KU on every play, stealing the ball back multiple times
  3. Mahomes and his multiple eyes play the whole game, putting up 100 points before Baylor could. He strains his bicep from flexing after every touchdown pass he throws.
  4. Mahomes rests his arm, saving it  for the rest of the schedule, utilizing the running game instead. Washington, Stockton, White, and Felton all have career days, making the game look like someone playing on freshman difficulty in NCAA 16 (if it existed).
  5. Tech scores more than Kansas
What do you think? List your own reasons how we could win, or lose in Lawrence.