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Offensive Grades: Texas Tech vs Iowa State

Well, that was one way to bounce back after two straight losses.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Raiders bounced back in a big way after two straight losses. Texas Tech racked up a school record of 776 total yards in their blowout win against Iowa State. To go along with the 776 yards, the Red Raiders hung 66 points on the Cyclones.

Overall Grade: A+

Everything was clicking Saturday. Patrick Mahomes was running on all cylinders even though one of his tires might have had low air pressure, the running backs looked great, the wide receivers eliminated senseless drops, and the offensive line got the job done once again.

Quarterback Grade: A+

If NBA Jam was real life then Patrick Mahomes would be on fire. The young man scorched the Iowa State defense. He was 33 of 46 (71.74%) for 428 yards and 5 touchdowns. As I mentioned above, he was still a little banged up so didn't have an impact in the run game but he did elude pass rushers all day. On one such play he escaped a defender in the backfield and threw a touchdown bomb to Jakeem GrantDavis Webb made another appearance and performed well, he threw for 69 yards and a touchdown while connecting on 5 of 8 attempts. Nic Shimonek even got to play. He completed 1 of 2 passes for 18 yards.

Running Back Grade: A+

The Red Raiders run game was on point against the Cyclones. As a team Texas Tech had 31 rushes for 261 yards (8.4 avg) and 3 touchdowns. DeAndre Washington led the way in carries with 12 for 72 yards and a touchdown. Justin Stockton led the team in yards with 101 on 7 carries (14.4 avg) and a touchdown. Even Demarcus Felton had a touchdown late in the game on a 53 yard scamper.

Wide Receiver Grade: A+

Someone had to catch all those Mahomes passes and touchdowns. The wide receiving core showed up this week and eliminated the drops that killed drives last week. Jakeem Grant showed why he's one of the most explosive wide receivers in the Big 12. Grant had 9 catches for 166 yards (18.4 avg) and hauled in two touchdowns. Outside of Grant, the wealth was spread. Freshmen Jonathan Giles had 59 yards on 5 catches and also brought in two touchdowns to match Grant.

Offensive Line Grade: A

The offensive line cut down on penalties this week but still had a few, that's the only reason they don't get an A+. The big men up front paved the way for the Red Raiders on the ground and through the air. Once again, the offensive line did not allow a sack on Mahomes. When your QB isn't getting sacked it allows for him to create big plays which is what Mahomes has been doing all year.

Week 6 MVP: QB Patrick Mahomes