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Iowa State heads into town for a potential trap game for the high-flying Red Raiders. The Cyclones have one of the toughest remaining schedules in the country, and it starts with a daunting road game in the Bermuda Triangle of Football known as Jones AT&T Stadium. Texas Tech's Patrick Mahomes is a bona-fide star, and is one of the best quarterbacks in the country. Mike Warren leads an above average ISU rushing attack, and Dale Pierson is second in the Big XII in sacks. If the Red Raiders want to win, they're going to have to play well on the offensive line and shut down the run.

Location: Jones AT&T Stadium, Lubbock TX.

Time: 2:30 PM CT

TV: Fox Sports Network

Various Predictions: Our frenemies at Wide Right & Natty Lite are predicting an upset victory for the Cyclones. You can read that prediction here. I've got a fairly expansive preview up, Film Room Style, here. Naturally, i'm taking the Red Raiders by a couple of scores.

Enjoy the game, and as always, abide by the site rules!