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Red Raider Gridiron: Looking Forward to the Razorbacks

We finish up links and news from the UTEP game and start looking forward to Saturday's big game agains the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Official Site Preview. I've posted this in the how and where to watch link, but I want to post these things here as well. The official site has their preview link and their game notes, which includes the depth chart (PDF) and from what I can tell, this includes no changes that I can tell.  As happened last year, Texas Tech does not normally update their depth chart through the year.

Texas Tech Favored by 3. The line originally opened with Texas Tech being favored by 4.5 and at some point yesterday or last night, the line has now moved to Texas Tech being favored by 3. I'm guessing that a ton of money came in early on Texas Tech to make the line closer?  Someone help me with this as I'm not really a gambling man.

Catching Up. Saturday night was a weird night for me.  I started to get sick on Friday and took off half a day from work as I'm pretty sure I had a fever and stuff.  I slept for the better part of the day on Saturday and made coffee for the game on Saturday.  This was a first for me.  I got the quick post-game story up by around 2:30 am and then I was up by 6:00 am writing the 10 Things post.  When I do this, I usually ignore any and all stories and links because I just don't have time to write or read anything else.  So . . . we're catching up.

The LAJ wrote about how Texas Tech's fortunes are dependent on QB Davis Webb's success and/or failures and that's pretty much my takeaway as well.  This team will go as far as Webb will take them and if he can be better then Texas Tech will be better.   I'm pretty sure that this entire article consists of one sentence paragraphs, or at least 75%, anyway, this article from the LAJ is about how the freshman RB Justin Stockton bailed out Texas Tech.  Also of note from that game is that Stockton was officially a starter for the game as he was alongside RB DeAndre Washington.  The LAJ has a notebook of things that include how DC Matt Wallerstedt ran out 22 players as he substituted freely with the defense and some other notes.

Arkansas Fight is Feeling Pretty Good.  Our blog friends over at Arkansas Fight are feeling pretty good about their 73-7 win over Nicholls State, although they do understand that their game on Saturday needs to be taken with a grain of salt:

As bad as Nicholls is (and they are horrendous. The Nicholls beat writer next to me told me they were picked 9th in their conference out of 11 teams - and the two teams picked behind them have been playing football for a combined 6 seasons total in their histories) Arkansas should gain some confidence from this. The Razorback had a far easier time with the Colonels than Air Force did last week. Nicholls didn't even have much success throwing against Arkansas, with starter Kale Henderson completing just 12 of 30 passes.

However, the team shouldn't be too confident because Nicholls is really bad. The Razorbacks still need to prove something and they'll have a real shot in Lubbock next week in what is a huge game for Arkansas.

At the very least, Arkansas is going to come in this game pretty confident.  And quickly after the game, they are rightfully looking forward to Saturday's game against Texas Tech:

There was nothing Arkansas could have done yesterday to turn heads save putting up a hundred, and that was certainly obtainable if they had been so inclined. The Razorbacks dominated an inferior opponent in every facet of the game. An opponent so inferior that we still don't know much about what kind of team we have. We certainly look better, and after a 66-point victory, the team is sure to feel better. The crucible is next week, though. A winnable game against a worthy opponent.

Fast and flashy against measured and monstrous. Sexy coach against sexy coach's wife. Kingsbury and Bert don't appear to have much in common except for an affinity for five o'clock shadow. It should be entertaining as hell.

Miscellaneous. Lots of Big 12 power rankings or just rankings to post:  David Ubben has Texas Tech at #7 in the Big 12, the DMN has Texas Tech as the #4 team in Texas, and the SAEN has Texas Tech at the #4 team in Texas . . . Texas Tech hardly even made the best and worst of week 2 from David Ubben's column . . .