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Texas Tech Narrowly Escapes With a Win, Defeats UTEP 30-26

Texas Tech squeaks by with their second win of the year, a 30-26 win over UTEP.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, tell me if you have heard this one before. Penalties and turnover and near turnovers and this game was really close. Texas Tech allowed UTEP to come back in the game after having two #13's on a punt return in the third quarter and a coach's infraction for essentially being in the way. This eventually led to a touchdown, and it should have led to a punt for UTEP. You can blame anyone or anything that you want, but those two were on the coaching staff and the game was a four point game headed into the 4th quarter.  A long UTEP drive results in UTEP taking the lead and it takes a big-time drive by Texas Tech, resulting in a touchdown catch by Bradley Marquez, his third of the day, for Texas Tech to take the lead for good.

Texas Tech is leaving yards and points all over the field. At this point, I can't remember if I wrote this last week or not, but don't ignore the signs. An offense that struggles to score. An undisciplined team that shoots itself in the foot over and over with penalties after penalties.

The Texas Tech defense struggled again and you can only imagine what might happen next week.

I'll get more into this tomorrow, but Davis Webb was pretty awful tonight. He missed open receivers and was behind receivers for the better part of the night. The one good thing is that he didn't turn the ball over.

The best part of the game was watching Justin Stockton break play after play, 135 yards on just 8 carries and his first touchdown.