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Texas Tech v. UTEP | Away Game Hotspots

We play football at 10pm. This is not a drill.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Pace yourselves. A kickoff time just two hours shy of a Sunday morning is a marathon. The option to go on and say how it isn't a sprint would be misleading, considering I haven't sprinted in years.

A couple of VTMers duked it out last month regarding the best Mexican food in the Sun City. Since I have no way to make a ruling, I will leave it up to the comments. But not before I bring in a certain sharp dressed man for another opinion.

El Paso, TX

El Taco Tote (2921 N Mesa St)

From Techsican Jumping Bean:

El Taco Tote has a location near the UTEP campus so check it out.

Chico's Tacos (3401 Dyer St)

From oldschoolraider:

Chico's Tacos or nothing. E.O.D.

L&J Cafe (3622 E Missouri Ave)

From MdlndRaider:

Family owned and they have been there forever. Awesome Mexican food.

H&H Car Wash and Coffee Shop (701 E Yandell Dr)

Billy Gibbons, member of That Little Ol' Band from Texas, shared this with Texas Monthly:

My favorite place is H&H Car Wash and Coffee Shop, in El Paso, because you can get a taco while you wait for your car to get cleaned. The exotic call of thinking, "Let’s clean up this vehicle and, while we’re at it, get a taco"—it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Brew! Sports Pub & Grill (2 locations)
Looks like they have a nice draft selection and it could be a good place to hang out and watch the earlier games.

There is a Neighborhood Craft Beer Tour at 3:00 for those of you not worried about the marathon v. sprint analogy. Click here for more details.

Lubbock Events

Wednesday, September 3rd

The Blue Light
108 E. Broadway - 9:00pm

Thursday, September 4th

The Blue Light
Erick Willis CD Release

Bash Riprock's
Broken Bar V - 11:30pm

Friday, September 5th

Lubbock Civic Center
National Cowboy Symposium
Starts at 9:00am

Wild West
Jason Eady & Adam Hood - 8:00pm

The Office
Cody Canada & The Departed
w/ the Brandon Steadman Band

The Blue Light
Thieving Birds w/
Flatland Calvary

Backstage Lubbock
Thunderosa - 9:00pm

Saturday, September 6th

Lubbock Civic Center
National Cowboy Symposium
Starts at 9:00am

The Blue Light
Marc Ford & Elijah Ford - 9:00pm

Backstage Lubbock
Daniel Markham & The Goners - 9:00pm

Sunday, September 7th

Lubbock Civic Center
National Cowboy Symposium
Starts at 7:30am

Buddy Holly Center
Buddy Holly's 78th Birthday Bash


The Mean Woman Grill (2103 Marsha Sharp Fwy)

Although new to Lubbock, the Mean Woman has been around the South Plains for years. The original location was in Levelland, where I had many a meal during my time there as an SPC Texan. Start with any of their burgers, and then go from there: quesadillas, Mexican hot dogs (bacon wrapped hot dog dressed with mayo, mustard, diced onion, jalapenos and tomato), specialty sandwiches (Philly, Reuben, Grilled Ghost Pepper Cheese), etc. Breakfast is now served starting at 7am on Saturdays. And, if this isn't enough to get you to the Mean Woman, it's BYOB and they have live music almost every day during lunch and dinner.

What say you, VTMers?