Next week in Kansas

I have never really posted and I know we all have mixed feelings right now. However, I am very happy that the weekend we are in Kansas, the World Series of BBQ is happening there. Although I have been displaced from Texas and live in Orlando, Fl I have been given a great challenge you would appreciate. Around the last week of July I was approached with a picture of a pig being cooked. I was reminded of the times I lived in the UP and this brought up the memories of working at one guy from Italy for the eight years I was there. Yes I said eight years for college, no I am not a doctor, but I enjoyed my time there. This took me to not only taking this picture of how to cook BBQ, but how to re think it a little bit

in the end I work for a great company, which I am not allowed to say, that has given me unbelievable support in this. I used my TTU architecture and art studies to play. The item I came up with was competed and had a test run on Wednesday. I was expecting our executive chef to ask for some modification. I am beyond happy they said do not touch it. We like what you did and we want you to come with us. They could not explain he custom grill we had created.

if you are able to come by (only 90 minutes from game site), please see me.

My name is shawn and i will be the only person in booth 244 with ttu gear. Please remember you have TTU alum working to win brisket in the World Series of bbq

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