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Tech-OSU Brew of the Day

Have a pint of our Game Day Beer dedicated to the matchup against OSU.

Alexander Hassenstein

Today's Game Day Beer is the award-winning CopyCat IPA from Australia's Mash Brewing!

CopyCat is based off an American IPA recipe that the Australian's wanted to try to recreate. I assume that they took everything they could from the American's in replicating this American Indian Pale Ale. I'd even guess they import their water from West Texas just to get it right.

Here are just a few alleged reviews of the brew just to give you a 'taste' of what they've been able to accomplish with the Copycat:

It starts off really strong and bold with a ton of flavor. You can really feel the character in the brew from the first sip. However, after more and more sips of the stuff, it starts to change. The character from the beginning is lost somewhere and by the end it just feels like you're drinking someone else's beer. You look at the bottle and it still has the same logo, but you know there's something in there that isn't genuine.

This sTuff was sooOOO Good!! AT least at first when I WAs drInkinG it!! Something TURNED it in MY STOMACH and then I GOT sick and it came out this putrid BRIgHT OrangE! That WAS NOT the same beer I thought I WAS DrinkinG! I want my MONEY BACK@!

This CopyCat IPA tastes just like the best IPAs in America, but without the recognizable awesomeness you get. All in all, just tastes like a watered down version of the real stuff. Australians must make some terrible beers on their own if they think this copy is very good at all or close to the original.

Hmm... well those don't seem to be very great.... Oh well. Maybe they'll have better luck with their next recipe!

Ok, now a real review of the brew from user ADZA at

This won the overall beer award at gabs for best beer and pours a Golden amber hue with a creamy two finger everpresent head and lacing everywhere, the smell is tropical fruit salad, bubblegum and piney resinous hops, the mouthfeel is medium bodied with smooth carbonation and has tastes of strong tropical fruit salad, tangerine, pineapple, a slight touch of toffee malts and I mean slight its just there to sideline the hopfest and as it warms the finish is very bitter with piney hops and bubblegum and overall if your after an IPA thats fruity and bitter then this is the one you want as it ticks all the boxes cheers.

So really, check out this brew if you're lucky enough to find it. Bottoms up in hope of toasting in celebration tonight!