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Red Raiders in the NFL 9.24.14

Cody Davis grabs his first career fumble. Amaro recovers from rookie moment, and Welker and Crabtree shine.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Davis comes up big. Even though the St. Louis Rams squandered a big lead against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Cody Davis recovered his first career fumble. You can't help but cheer for this guy. Watch the video of his big moment here.

Amaro had rookie moment but bounced back well. Jace Amaro had 3 catches for 54 yards Monday night, starting with a 43-yard grab in the 2nd quarter (video of the catch), but then on a 3rd and 2 in the third quarter, Amaro dropped a crucial pass that hit him in the hands.

"I was the last read on the back side of the play," he said. "I was just running, and I wasn't really even looking (for the ball). I was just kind of looking for space. I've got to make those plays. We were moving the ball. That's all on me. They drafted me (in the second round) to be a pass-catching tight end, and there's no excuse for me to drop any ball. I feel like I played really well besides that."

On the drop, Amaro said, "I just located it late. I didn't look it all the way through. That's just a lack of focus and concentration on me, just because I thought I was the last read (on the play's route progression) and, really, I just didn't think I was going to get the ball. You have make sure that you're ready on every single play."

The good news is that he bounced back immediately, making two clutch catches, converting both a 3rd and 4th down in the last few minutes of the game. Unfortunately, the New York Jets came up short, but I think Amaro will continue to grow into the trusted target he was here at Texas Tech.

Welker Is Back. After missing the end of last season with a concussion and the beginning of this one with his suspension, Welker is back for the Denver Broncos. He returned with six catches for 60 yards in their overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks, reclaiming his spot as a healthy target for Peyton Manning.

"I feel good," Welker said. "Obviously it's been a month since I've seen action, but overall I felt pretty good."

Our Other Broncos Perform Well. Even though the Broncos lost this week, Manny Ramirez and Louis Vasquez did their jobs, once again holding the opposition to a single sack.

Crabtree Continues to Shine. This week Michael Crabtree had 10 receptions for 80 yards and a touchdown for the San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately, his team also took a 14-23 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Amendola Still Invisible. Sadly, the trend in New England continues. Danny Amendola isn't getting anything thrown his way, regardless of how well he's doing his job.

Danny Amendola couldn't have been more wide open.

It was third and 6 in the first half of the Week 1 game at Miami. Starting from the right slot, he ran exactly to the first-down marker at the 14-yard line and cut inward, streaking across the middle of the field. The closest defensive back was 4 yards away and didn't have a good angle. Tom Brady had a clean pocket and plenty of time to read the field. All he had to do was deliver a quick pass over the middle and Amendola could have had at least a first down, if not a big catch-and-run.

It didn't matter. Brady never looked at him.

Waddle Returns to Practice. After being out with a calf injury for the last couple of weeks, LaAdrian Waddle plans to return to practice this week as the Detroit Lions prepare for the New York Jets.