Here IS What the Opposing Head Coach (UTEP's Sean Kugler) Says About Tech

From the UTEP Head Coach news conference Monday, Septmebr 1:

UTEP News Conference

(On Texas Tech)
"I know we're extremely excited about Texas Tech coming to town. They're a Big 12 opponent, they won their bowl game last year and really got after Arizona State. They pretty much return their offense intact. The quarterback started the bowl game as a freshman and he's back. He threw for 452 yards and four touchdowns in the last game. They've got two excellent running backs, both kind of the same stature. They both averaged over five yards per carry. They return most of their receivers, in particular Bradley Marquez. He had 11 receptions last week for 184 yards and a touchdown. They play a very up-tempo style. They do run the ball and run the ball efficiently. But they sling it all over the yard. We're going to have to be on our screws defensively because I can't think of a more drastic switch going from the pistol triple option to a spread, up-tempo passing attack. It is going to be a complete switch for our guys and I know they'll be excited about making the change. That's what's great about football. Each week is different.

"Defensively they are a multiple front team. They've got some linebackers returning. They have added some size up front with some junior college transfers, in particular Branden Jackson their defensive end. He was their leading sacker last year. He is a dominant player. He had a sack in their last game. One of their outside backers, Pete Robertson, had a sack. Their returning leading tackler is back. They're young in the secondary but you can see they've got a lot of talent back there. They return their punter, their kicker and their kick returner. They are very solid in special teams and they have a new punt returner, a high school kid who has some outstanding speed. They return intact a very solid bowl team that won eight games. We have an opportunity to play in front of a packed house, which I'm expecting. I know the El Paso fans will come out in full force for this one. It's a 9:00 game, nationally televised, and we're going to be the only game on in the country at that time. I know the fans are going to go out and show their support. I hope they're as rowdy as they can be from start to finish and put a lot of pressure on Texas Tech. As a staff and as a program, we're excited. We do know it's only one win. But to get that first win gives us a lot of momentum and gives us energy. We needed that energy to bring us into this second game. I'm excited about having a chance to come home to El Paso in front of a great crowd and play a quality opponent like Texas Tech."

(On Central Arkansas controlling the line of scrimmage last week versus TTU)
"They really kind of held the run game in check. They had 184 yards rushing but it was also on 54 attempts. So they only averaged three yards a carry. I thought Texas Tech controlled the run game. They were up-tempo and they did complete a lot of passes. They've got a young secondary. You always make your biggest improvement from your first game to the second game. I'm sure they'll be working hard to correct those things. Offensively they are scary. Their quarterback is efficient. He looks like he has even added some weight. He is stronger than he was last year. He is the future of that program. That's the way they view him and justifiably so. He is good. They are loaded at the skill positions and they have a veteran offensive line. They really do a great job of pass protection. They had over 40 pass attempts and no sacks. For a drop back passing team that's impressive. So we've got our work cut out for us. We know that. But the thing I like is this team is we're up to the challenge of working and taking on challenges and we look forward to it."

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