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One Reason Rice Should Replace Oklahoma State in the Big XII

A rebuttal to an article by an obscure website that was brought to my attention.

Run with traditions that are 100% your own.
Run with traditions that are 100% your own.
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently Oklahoma State has an SB Nation site called Cowboys Run For Free. Who knew?

This morning the new (I guess it's new?) site posted an extremely well-written and witty article arguing the merits for replacing Texas Tech in the Big XII with the Tulsa Golden Hurricane. The story was the common rehash that predictably trudges down the same old weary path; full of red-meat about the terrible, down-trodden city of Lubbock and how Texas Tech is completely out of their league in every discipline sans keg stands. By now the formula for anti-Tech articles is more familiar than Einstein's Theory of Relativity:

Leach left + Coach Bro + can't beat us + Lubbock is dusty / (but their women are hot x tortillas) x Tech fans are the worst= Page views

I do have to hand it to the author of the post, Steve Dodson. He put together an entertaining, witty piece and can obviously string a few sentences together coherently. Regardless of my personal feelings on his attempt, I do see promise in the fledgling young site, particularly if guys like Steve continue to perfect their craft.

But with that said, I do need to prove my argument or this entire piece would be a waste of time, right? So here goes. Ahem, ahem.

Rice deserves to be in the Big XII because it's time to bring some morals back to this conference you can't have your injured quarterback sitting up on a roof doing freaky shit like this on my TV it's just wrong.

So there you have it. My rebuttal in fewer than 300 words. And if you get a chance, please go visit Cowboys Ride For Fun. It looks like they're getting ahold of things over there.