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Red Raider Gridiron: A Contrast in Styles; Travis in SEC Country

We begin the articles about how there will be a contrast in styles between Arkansas and Texas Tech. Our own Travis Hale gets on the radio in Arkansas.

Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

Superstar. Our very own Travis Hale was on with the SECSportsInsider last night for about 15 minutes to talk about your Texas Tech Red Raiders right in the heart of Wooooo Piiiig country.  He was brave and it's worth a few minutes of your time, where he talks about the Texas Tech defense and recruiting and all sorts of things.

Blog Brothers. Our friends over at Arkansas Fight have a really fantastic look at the Arkansas rushing offense and the Texas Tech rushing defense (obviously, advantage Arkansas) and then they have a staff discussion on the game and and they are generally pretty confident heading into Saturday's game.

Contrast in Styles. DMN's Chuck Carton has a bit about the Arkansas Paleolithic offense and the contrast in style to Texas Tech and QB Davis Webb is ready to no longer discuss those contrasting styles:

"I think those guys are tired of hearing about our tempo," Tech quarterback Davis Webb said. "I'm sure our defense is tired of hearing how they're going to run the ball against us. We're both tired about that and ready to see each other."

The DT also writes about the contrasting styles and Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema thinks highly of his running backs:

"I think that (our running backs are) good players and they're elite in our program," Bielema said. "I think each one of them brings a uniqueness to the game but I will say this, I think Alex Collins has probably had as good a three weeks of practice since he's been here and it's really showing up in his game plan, and Jonathan Williams, any chance he gets, continues to impress."

Predicting a Win. FoxSports David Ubben has his predictions for this week's games:

Texas Tech 31, Arkansas 24: This might be the toughest pick of the week. Before the season, this looked like a gimme for the Red Raiders, but after two weeks, expectations are understandably waning in Lubbock. Arkansas, loser of its last 10 games vs. FBS teams, is not a very good team. They are also built perfectly--hello, power running game--to beat Texas Tech. I say this is the week Texas Tech snaps out of its funk. Jakeem Grant has a big day against an outmanned, shoddy Arkansas secondary not used to Tech's tempo and speed on the outside. Kliff Kingsbury digs into his bag of tricks in the second half to give Tech the final push.

I know.  I can already hear the disgust in some of your comments.  If Texas Tech wins, this might mean that Davis Webb isn't total crap and you're going to have to watch him play more football.  Or maybe you'll just decide now that he shouldn't get any credit anyway because that would be way too generous, so let's just figure out a way to celebrate a win, but pick at him anyway.  Glad we've got that settled.

Miscellaneous. The Smoking Musket has their Big 12 Power Rankings . . . hey students! Texas Tech is going to open up the grass seating area on the North endzone if the student section fills up, but you should know that there's no more saved seating . . . the DMN has five things to know about the Razorbacks . . . here's a short article about how good Texas Tech commit RB Corey Dauphine is doing at Port Arthur and how he's continuing to work hard . . .