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Arkansas v. Texas Tech | Home Game Hotspots

Where else can you talk about snake farms, Rooster Cogburn, and local weather?

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

If you've been to a home game in the last two seasons, you've seen the Third Down Defense Hype Video (not its actual name, I'm sure). It's typically a pretty amped up scene from a movie. There are a couple of good ones like Wyatt giving Ike a memo and King Leonidas being King Leonidas.

Then there's this scene from Remember the Titans where they have to cut off Coach Yoast in the middle of saying who they shall never forget since, you know, we're not the Titans.

I vote we replace it with this:

Start it at 28 seconds, and it's perfect. It has Robert Duvall channeling his inner Augustus McCrae long before Lonesome Dove. But, more importantly, John Wayne is taking the field with his guns up.

What other suggestions do you have for these third down videos? We want to know. Do we have connections with the video operator at the Jones? Maybe. Maybe not. But you just never know.

And now for our regularly scheduled programming...

Lubbock Events

Wednesday, September 10th

The Blue Light
Chance Anderson - 9:00pm

Thursday, September 11th

The Office
Local Nobody's - 9:00pm

Bash Riprock's
Strange Danger Thrillshow - 9:00pm

Backstage Lubbock
Alien Ant Farm - 9:00pm

Friday, September 12th

The Blue Light
Buy tickets here.

Backstage Lubbock
Plan B - 9:00pm

The Office
Cory Morrow - 9:00pm

Wild West
Wade Bowen - 9:00pm

Pat Green, Dix Hat Band, & Dalton Domino

Saturday, September 13th

Jones AT&T Stadium - 2:30pm

This is the Celebrate Cotton game and the powers that be are calling for a blackout. So wear black. Out to the game. As I type this, we're looking at a high of 67 deg F on Saturday. Maybe I'll be able to get a weather update before kickoff since I have connections now:

Also, in case you missed the season opener, Raider Alley is now selling beer. I was on the scene with some high quality photography. Once you're inside, 16oz aluminum bottles are $5.

Backstage Lubbock
Residue with Fluid Frequency - 9:00pm

The Blue Light
Shane Smith and The Saints - 9:00pm

Departure Plan - 9:00pm

The Office
Kinky Wizards - 9:00pm

Wild West
Mike and the Moonpies - 9:00pm


Hit up the Italian Garden (1636 13th St). It really is some of the best Italian food in town. Their menu is priced very well, and it's BYOB, so you're saving even more cash. So far, we've tried the chicken parmigiana, chicken piccata, and stuffed mushrooms. Their marinara is so fresh tasting, and it goes really well with the garlic butter rolls.

What say you, VTMers?