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Possible Red Raiders: A Weekly Recruiting Update - 9/1/2014

A recruit names Tech in their Top 2, basketball recruits plan visits, a 2016 recruit puts Tech near the top and how did Tech's 2015 commits do this past weekend. Plus a look at Mickey Mitchell and Wendell Mitchell

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

That game wasn't exactly pretty last weekend. I guess it's fortunate that Jalen Bates didn't attend this game like he originally planned to (he's visiting for the Arkansas game). However, if Texas Tech doesn't work on stopping the run, I'm sure it could affect our position with recruits like Bates. Or maybe these defensive rercuits will notice that they can come in and make an impact right away. Who knows? Now let's look at some big time basketball recruits that could become Red Raiders (you read that right, it's not a misprint) in Mickey Mitchell and Wendell Mitchell.

Mickey Mitchell - Small Forward (Plano West, Plano, TX)

Height Weight
6'7" 210 lbs

Ratings: 94 by 247 (85th overall) / 84 by ESPN (85th overall) / 4-star by Rivals (91st overall) / 4-star by Scout

Interest: Texas Tech (Warm), SMU (Warm), Texas A&M (Warm), Baylor (Warm)

Mickey Mitchell is a player Red Raider fans have known about since roughly April. He is a top rercuit out of Plano, and could've been higher if he didn't tear his ACL during the 2012 season. He was committed to Ohio State at the time, but his brother Mike Mitchell decided to transfer from Ohio State and was looking at playing LB at Texas Tech. Eventually Mike Mitchell would commit, and we were wondering "Could Tech pull in his brother Mickey". While it didn't look like it would happen at the time, it looks very real now. Just last week, Mickey decommitted from Ohio State and opened up his recruitment. Analysis starting predicting Mitchell coming to Texas Tech due to his brother being here. But will he become a Red Raider? He definitely could. Another option for him is Texas A&M, who just got a commitment from 4-star C (and Texas Titan teammate) Tyler Davis a couple weeks ago. SMU is starting to build a powerhouse and Mitchell could be intrigued and go there. There are plenty of options for Mitchell, but Texas Tech looks like they're in a good position. Now let's look at what Mickey can do on the hardwood. The first thing I noticed about Mickey was his elite awareness and passing ability. He makes some of the best passes I've seen and knows where his teammates are. He has better passing abilities than some PGs. Mickey also is a presence when attacking the paint, dunking and making impressive lay-ups. On the defensive end, Mickey stays in front of his guy, keeps his feet on the ground and makes plays on the ball. I'm not sure how he shoots, as I couldn't find any film of him doing so, but hopefully he can be some sorta threat shooting the ball. I don't know Mickey Mitchell's timetable, but hopefully he'll choose the Red Raiders.

Wendell Mitchell - Shooting Guard (Rockdale HS, Rockdale, TX)

Height Weight
6'2" 170 lbs

Ratings: 88 by 247 (127th overall) / 83 by ESPN (94th overall) / 3-star by Rivals / 4-star by Scout

Interest: Texas Tech (Warm), Baylor (Warm), Kansas State (Warm), SMU (Warm)

Wendell Mitchell has been a player that was high on Tech's list according to 247sports, but not someone I knew much about. However, news came out a few weeks ago that Wendell  Mitchell made a Top 5 listing Tech in there along with SMU, Kansas State, Baylor and Auburn. So it appears that Mitchell is one of Tech's top targets. Not only did Mitchell list Texas Tech in his Top 5, he also will be visiting Texas Tech on October 11th. Jordan Jackson is visiting the day after, but since they are visiting on the same weekend, I bet they run into each other. Now let's take a look at what Wendell Mitchell can do on film. What I like about Mitchell is his ability to score in multiple ways. He has a nice long range shot that he can shoot anywhere, plus he also isn't afraid to attack the basket. Wendell weaves through the defense, either scoring at the basket or distributing the ball to a wide open teammate. Wendell's good awareness and athleticism  helps him find the open man and get them a wide open shot. There wasn't really any film of him playing defense, but the two they did show weren't bad. Wendell Mitchell is definitely someone Red Raider fans need to keep an eye in the next couple months.

Here are some more updates:

Football 2015:

  • Breiden Fehoko, 97 rated DT commit, was rated a 5-star recruit on Scout. This means that Texas Tech has the only two 5-star commits in the Big XII, If you didn't already know, we're on the come up.
  • Jarrett Stidham, 98 rated DT QB commit, attended the Central Arkansas game last weekend. It's likely he'll go to many games this year, including a scheduled visit to the Arkansas game.
  • Reggie Walker, 87 rated DE, has named a Top 2 in Arkansas and Texas Tech. Mississippi State was thought to be in the lead, but it appears not anymore. He plans to visit both schools in the fall.
  • Beau Sandland, 96 rated JUCO TE in 2013, has decided to transfer from Miami. Tech was going after the TE in 2013, and would be interesting to see if Tech tries to get him on campus.
  • Semisi Uluave, 91 rated OG, named a Top 3 last week with UCLA leading followed by Texas Tech and then Oregon. Tech is looking to add one more offensive lineman to the mix.
  • KJ Hill, 94 rated WR, committed to Arkansas this past week. Texas Tech started to lose ground on Hill, and it seemed like Arkansas is where Hill wanted to go all along.
  • Trent Irwin, 95 rated WR, has scheduled visits to Stanford and Arizona State thus far. He made it clear about a month ago that those were his favorites.
  • Kris Boyd, 96 rated CB, announced via Twitter Friday that he will be most likely be announcing his decision soon. My guess at this point would be A&M, with some football friends being committed to the Aggies and the recent win against South Carolina.

Basketball 2015:

  • CJ Williamson, NR SF, will get a home visit from Tubby Smith on September 9th. The athlete from Florida has named Tech in his Top 3 and will visit Lubbock on October 19th.
  • Jordan Jackson, NR SG, will visit Texas Tech on October 12th. He has also set up visit for other schools in his Top 6.
  • Henry Ellenson, 98 rated PF, has cut his list to three schools. Those three schools are Kentucky, Marquette and Michigan State. It looked like Ellenson was becoming out of reach for the Red Raiders and have moved on to other targets.

Football 2016+:

  • Keith Corbin, 88 rated 2016 WR, has named a Top 3 in OU, Texas A&M and Texas Tech. Tech is the only school out of the three to have offered the WR.
  • Bryson Denley, 88 rated RB, received an offer from the Red Raiders on Saturday. Denley is a RB from Steele HS, where RB coach Mike Jinks used to coach. Baylor looks to be in the lead right now

How did the class of 2014 do?

I couldn't find any defensive stats at all yesterday, so I'm only able to add offensive players:

Justin Stockton 6 carries 38 yards 1 TD
2 catches 17 yards 0 TDs
1 KO return 15 yards 0 TDs
Devin Lauderdale 3 catches 43 yards 0 TDs
Cameron Baston 3 returns 13 yards 1 muffed punt

How did the class of 2015 do?

Here are the stats for some of our 2015 recruits:

Jarrett Stidham 17-28 253 yards 2 TDs 0 INTs
9 rushes 70 yards 1 TDS
Corey Dauphine 15 rushes 105 yards 2 TDs
Jonathan Giles (as QB) 13-21 208 yards 2 TDs 0 INTs
D'Vonta Hinton (as RB) 3 rushes 17 yards 0 TDs
Breiden Fehoko (2 games) 10 tackles (4 for loss) 3 sacks 11 QB hurries