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Red Raider Gridiron: O'Bannon vs. NCAA; Kingsbury Ready to Shift Focus

We have a handful of links on yesterday's big court decision in the O'Bannon vs. NCAA case. Head coach Kliff Kingsbury is ready for it to be about the players in year two.

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O'Bannon vs. NCAA. Yesterday was a an absolutely crazy day and I haven't had any time to really digest how this works, but I have read some folks that do have opinions on things and it appears that although the NCAA won in a sense.  Let's go:

NCAA loses massive O'Bannon trial, but not by much. Full ruling here -
NCAA loses in O'Bannon case, but hope for the association remains |
Ed O'Bannon Case Ruling: Judge Claudia Wilken's Decision Is Completely Reasonable. Will the NCAA Follow Suit? - Team Speed Kills
News Desk: The O’Bannon Ruling And A Familiar Feeling | The Student Section

Ready for This to Be About the Players. Chuck Carlton writes about how head coach Kliff Kingsbury wants year two to be about the players:

"I'd rather it be about our players," Kingsbury said. "I know a lot of it gets pushed toward me. That's my biggest deal. Our players are the ones playing, working their butts off. Once the wins come, it will fade that way."

I think we, Texas Tech fans, have pretty much known this is the case.  It's an easy hook for the general media that doesn't deal with Kingsbury every day.  There's lots of good quotes there, some from athletic director Kirby Hocutt who says that Kingsbury has the ability to deal with the millennial player better than any head coach in the country, which is completely true, but he also said this:

"Sometimes I sit back and smile, because as different as Kliff Kingsbury and Bill Snyder are personally, there are a lot of things from their work ethic and organization skills that remind me of the football program when I was a student-athlete at Kansas State."

I think we've know this too.

Relentlessly Driven.

Roster Recap. The LAJ is doing these roster recaps which is a short blurb about a player and a quote from the coach.  I'll summarize, and leave you to go to the link to read.

* WR Tyler Middleton: One of the more physically gifted players on the team is going to need to make some plays this fall.
* DE Gary Moore: Very, very (very) raw athlete that needs to continue to work on the finer points of playing to garner some playing time.
* DE Zach Barnes: Both Moore and Barnes are playing defensive end behind Branden Jackson and Brandon Thorpe, coaches like his work ethic and is a situational player right now due to his weight (only about 220).

Miscellaneous. TCU ended up suspending DE Devonte Fiels and now he will not be able to play at SFA . . . the LAJ writes about how Texas Tech is going to be facing a handful of terrific pass rushers this year and Dominique Robertson needs to be ready . . . Bud Elliott says to take the under on Texas Tech and 6.5 games . . .