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Non-Transcripts for Wallerstedt, Morris and Chiaverini

Defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt, offensive coordinator Eric Morris and special teams coach Darrin Chiaverini all spoke at Texas Tech's media day and VTM has the non-transcript.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Double T 104.3 posted all of their interviews from Texas Tech's media day and I thought it would be good to do the non-transcripts for defensive coordinator Matt Wallerstedt, offensive coordinator Eric Morris and special teams coach Darrin Chiaverini. Just as I always say about non-transcripts, these are NOT quotes, but me starting the video and typing like a mad man and not hitting pause until the interview is over.  If you want to hear the actual quotes, you need to listen to the interviews.

Matt Wallerstedt with Chris Level

Being familiar with our kids and seeing familiar faces. The staff being together for a year and a comfort level, from verbiage and how we go about dealing with each other.

Game experience is huge, we'll be green in terms of game experience. We have a lot of competition going on and a lot of positions that have to be addressed and the fun thing is that we have a lot of guys competing in that roles.

For us, with our struggles in November in stopping the run game, all of the coaches are here to win championships on defense and for us to do that we have to stop the run and addressed that with size along the front line.

The guys that have been here, LaDarius Newbold and Theirry Nguema, those guys need to play. There's no one prettier than Newbold and fast. Bethel has top-end speed, is fast guy and has to sit some guys. Coley has length like Justis. Lots of expectations with Justis, that's huge. He doesn't have a lot of experience right now.

Levi is a physical presence, he has been a huge voice in the locker room, he looks around and sees guys not pushing and exhausting all of their energy. He comes in at 366 and now down to 348, the JC guys, none of them quit. They weren't in top-end shape, but none of them quit. Like their make-up.

V.J. Fehoko, added energy and have to watch out before the game because he likes to head-butt before the game. Is what Texas Tech defense should be and what Texas Tech fans expect with blue-collar and he is a student of the game and has been studying Central Arkansas formations.

Sam Eguavoen is 230 now and was solid, but I think vocally I challenged him to be a guy that steps up vocally. He has trained hard and knows the Mike and Will positions. He has had a really good offseason. Branden Jackson has gained 15 pounds, we don't want him to be solid, we want him to be dynamic.

Eric Morris with Casey Cowan

[Was asked about being the only receiver coach.] Just trying to figure out better use of his time.

This is first time to just solely work with outside guys. Have been in this offense for 13 or 14 years and can bring some technique to the outside guys. Try to understand how the whole offense works together. There is no doubt that people can feel the love that we have, we're not just some used car salesman, we lived and experienced it here. A bunch of these recruiters are good at selling their product. It is good that we can relate. We were in their shoes not too long ago and help them along the way to make the right decisions.

Get more emotionally caught up in game, it was a little surreal, seeing the kids put on the double-t, but it got easier and easier. We go through our mental routine. I am thinking about what 11 people do on the field. Will be the safety blanket up there, we always joke that if you could sell subscriptions to what we talk about, people might not think the same way about us. We have a really good relationship

Lot of production left, we find guys each and every year to replace people, I feel really good about the inside guys. We'll be able to stretch the field in the middle with Bradley Marquez there rather than Jace Amaro. We don't have a lot of experience outside, Reginald Davis and Dylan Cantrell at the Z-receiver while Devin Lauderdale and D.J. Polite-Bray Z-receiver. I thought we needed to find ways for Reg. to get the ball.

Reg is a great kid, Reg has two beautiful daughters and has a lot on his plate. He is never late to anything we do. It took Reg a little time to develop into a wideout. His athletic ability takes over when the ball is in his hand. Works hard in the spring and the summer. Bradley has always been physical, the guy who stands out the most is Devin Lauderdale, he's got into a couple of fights, but Devin is really physical and Reg is as strong as anybody. I don't see our blocking going down this year. We're all pulling in one direction behind one guy with one voice. Ever since the bowl game there's no doubt that this team has been going in one direction.

Darrin Chiaverini with Casey Cowan

One of my best friends, David Wright, he's with the Packers now, this is right when Kingsbury got the job, and he had talked to Kingsbury about me at the time. Came and worked a camp last year. When we went to the Holiday Bowl last year and didn't know they were looking for a special teams coach. I recruited all of those kids out of high school. Got a chance to visit with coach and the rest is history.

My background has been offensive football, co-offensive coordinator and fell into special teams. Got a chance to learn the details, it was great to work with Frank Ganz, we've had a lot of success going forward at Riverside, that's why I'm here.

I was excited, going through spring football, Kenny Williams, Bradley Marquez and Branden Jackson. We really upgraded our roster with a lot of athleticism. Definitely excited this year. Kingsbury has been great as far as personnel, you can use starters or our core guys and I want to make an impact and have to play the best players. He just lets me run. It is rare, that's not always the case. Jordan Davis a guy that did it last year, I told the freshmen that the best guy will play. I will chart them, I don't care if they are true freshman, they'll be playing.

Ryan Bustin is our guy, and he's on track to be the all-time leading kicker in history. Ryan has had a great career. Taylor Symanek has a huge leg. Clayton Hatfield has a huge leg. It makes you feel good as a coach. It is going to be a bit of a learning curve.

Dominique Robertson is 325 and very athletic. Understands protections. You are going to see a guy that is athletic and can play in space. Definitely help upgrade that position.