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Red Raider Gridiron: Receiver Depth; Power 5 Conference Autonomy

We have a bit on the depth chart at receiver, including Reginald Davis, Devin Lauderdale, D.J. Polite-Bray and Dylan Cantrell, plus a handful of links on the big NCAA news yesterday, where the Power 5 Conferences voted for conference autonomy.

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Youth at Receiver. The LAJ takes a look at the wide receiver position and the relative youth being served this year after a few years of juniors and seniors stacking this position.  On Texas Tech's Media Day, OC Eric Morris said that the current depth chart is as follows (I'm posting his, Matt Wallerstedt and Darrin Chiaverini's non-transcripts at 10:00 am today):

Y-receiver: D.J. Polite-Bray and Devin Lauderdale.
Z-receiver: Reginald Davis and Dylan Cantrell.

The article is full of quotes, so make sure and go read the whole thing, but I'll post a few things about Polite-Bray and Lauderdale.  Here's OC Eric Morris on Polite-Bray:

"D.J's more of a deep-threat guy - posts, verticals, curls, stuff like that," Morris said. "Devin's stronger. He might be the strongest receiver we have in the entire room, remarkably. He loves to block, really physical and gets after people."

And Morris on Lauderdale:

"Yeah, but different," Morris said when asked if Lauderdale was similar to Ward. "He's not that big, but he's that strong. He bench presses more than Eric ever did right now.

"He's probably not as fast as D.J., but he's a lot stronger than D.J."

Roster Analysis. At the time I'm writing this (in the evening) there are a handful of small articles about the roster, so rather than break them up (because they are relatively small) I'm just adding them all here.  There are quotes form position coaches at each link:

* LB Kahlee Woods hasn't been able to translate his high school performance to what needs to be done on the collegiate level.
* LB Malik Jenkins had an excellent bowl prep and had lots of reps behind Will Smith last year.
* OL Baylen Brown has lots of competition at guard and he's in the mix with the rest of the group.

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Power 5 Conference Autonomy. I don't have a lot of time to get to what that means.  I'll leave that to the experts, but I'll link to a handful of posts here:

NCAA Board approves Division I autonomy proposal
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The 4 things to know about the new NCAA's autonomy structure -

Miscellaneous. Wide Right & Natty Lite give their own pro-con analysis for mascots and they are obviously trying to pick a fight (Kingsbury > Hoiberg. EOD) . . . Arizona State is banning tortillas at football games, which is a shame because tortillas are delicious . . . IR Ian Sadler filled up that record book in Argyle this past year . . .