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Red Raider Gridiron: Practice #3 Recap, Quotes, Links & Video

Practice #3 is finished and we have all of the recaps, quotes, links and video, where we learn a bit about Josh Outlaw, Mike Mitchell and hear from Quinton White and Davis Webb after practice.

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John Weast

Practice #3. Here is your non-transcript of the day:

RB Quinton White: Totally different. Mindset changed. Must be smarter in blitz pick up protection. If you can't pick up the blitz, you can't play. Nah, I'm going to keep spinning, going to be physical.

QB Davis Webb: Offense is really flying around, running the ball a lot better. Have Justin Stockton, is one of the fastest players on the team. You can tell DeAndre Washington put a lot of work in the offseason. Not just the staff, but the continuity of the players, tendencies of Bradley Marquez and Jakeem Grant, night and day from day 1 to day 2.

DL Coach John Scott, Jr.: An evaluation as to where you are now. After all summer, they should have a good grasp but it shows you the areas where they have to get better. As a coahc, you can see how they react to adversity. For us, getting our hands on them first with the freshman and transfers we got in here, just being able to see how they respond to the coaching staff.

Quick Hits. Let's run through the things from the LAJ about all sorts of things.

* OL Josh Outlaw is slated to back up both tackle spots, but if either ReShod Fortenberry or Dominique Robertson are injured, Le'Raven Clark is most likely going to slide back to the injured tackle and then offensive line coach Lee Hays could choose from a handful of guards to play inside.

* LB Mike Mitchell is most likely going to play anywhere he wants to play, but for now, he'll play inside:

"Knowing he can play outside or inside, he can do a lot," co-defensive coordinator Mike Smith said, "but right now we're going to put him inside and see what he can do there. If he can't see it as well or read it as well, then he can always play bandit."

The latter is the pass-rushing outside linebacker spot where Pete Robertson starts.

"He (Mitchell) can run and he's strong," Smith said. "Put him on the edge and let him go. Either way, he's going to be the future of this defense."


The article also confirms that I think I've written about, but I can't remember if I have, which is that the Bandit linebacker, which is the pass-rushing sort of linebacker that Pete Robertson plays, plays to the tight side of the field, like a boundary cornerback.  I'm almost positive that the defensive line does essentially the same thing, their alignment isn't based on formation, but the wide or short side of the field and I believe that the defensive tackle lines up on the same side as the Bandit linebacker with the defensive end playing on the same side, the boundary side, as the Raider linebacker, to the field.

* I have a post going up on Thursday about some of the new freshmen walk-ons, but this this short post about Braden Murasak about how his old man played for Texas Tech at defensive back from 1985-1988.  Braden is 6-3/192 and Mike Smith said that Murasak will hit the heck out of you.  Here's Murasak's Hudl video.

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Practice Report #3.

Big Money on Special Teams. The LAJ takes a look at Darrin Chiaverini, who is the new special teams coach, and head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that last year, everyone took a bit of responsibility for the special teams overall last year:

"We split it up, basically," Kingsbury said. "Trey had the title, but it was a group effort and I just felt like it became secondary for everybody. So I wanted one face and one person that that's all he thinks about day in and day out and that's all he works with is special teams, and I think we needed that emphasis."

Kingsbury says he perceived a difference right away.

"I thought it was fine last year, but I felt like the emphasis wasn't there," he said, "and the players didn't focus on it like we needed to. You could see a different focus this spring."

I am so glad this has changed.

Run the Danged Ball. A new general college football site, The Student Section, takes a look at some important statistics to various teams and the #1 important stat to teams is to Texas Tech, who was 4-0 when they out-rushed their opponent and 2-5 when they didn't.  DoubleTFaithful mentioned on Twitter last night that there are guards pulling in a practice report.  This is going to get better this year folks.

Miscellaneous. Don't give a shit any more . . .  I ain't even going to try to segue, so here goes . . . Totally Texas Tech has some really terrific campus photos, including some photos of a new art installation with a hidden double-t . . . TCU is the #37 team according to USA Today's Paul Myerberg, who does a terrific job of cover this countdown ever offseason (there is a strong possibility that this will take a hit with Devonte Fields not being allowed back on the team)  . . . photos from practice #2 . . .