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Roster Recap: Hivemind the New Freshmen New Walk-Ons

Help the fellow members of VTM figure out a little bit about each of the new freshmen walk-on football players.

Donald Miralle

As we discussed yesterday, everyone that was supposed to report actually did report, plus some new walk-ons that I had not heard of before.  Texas Tech released their official roster earlier this week and had a number of new walk-ons that are a part of this team.  Some of these guys we've known about, like Grant Bouma and Payne Sullins and others, but some of them are new to a lot of us.  Just think , the photo above is the best walk-on that Texas Tech had last year /burn/.  These are the new walk-on players:

S Kisean Allen (6-0/165)
LB Grant Bouma (6-2/230)
OL Cole Collier (6-2/300)
K Clayton Hatfield (5-10/166)
RB Kenneth Huggins (5-7/155)
WR Stanton Keane (6-0/210)
WR Kash Knutson (5-11/173)
LB Braden Marusak (6-3/192)
WR Matt Mayle (5-10/176)
RB Mason Reed (6-2/205)
QB Hunter Rittimann (6-0/175)
QB Payne Sullins (6-2/175)
QB Vincent Testaverde (6-1/187)

Again, these aren't all of the walk-ons, just the ones that are freshmen.   Because I ran out of time in trying to find something about all of these guys, we could hivemind this and you all could pick a player and do a little research, add it to the comments and then we'd all know a bit more about these players.  Look for Hudl videos, or proviles on Rivals, Scout, ESPN or 24/7.  Let's do this.