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Red Raider Gridiron: Practice #2 in the Books-Recap, Links, Quotes and Video

Practice #2 is finished and we have a recap, links, quotes and video from Texas Tech's fall camp.

John Weast

Ed. Note. Hello.  One of the things we've been encouraged to do this month is to use FanShots more often.  So I'm trying my best to do that.  As you all know, FanShots are typically ignored because they are near the bottom of the page, but they could be helpful in terms of posting links to things that don't necessarily warrant a post.  For example, yesterday's morning links consisted of a soccer link, a men's basketball link and a softball link.  I'm going to give this a shot for a while and post those miscellaneous links as FanShots.  I'm going to try to remember to add this link to the FanShots each morning so you can check out anything that I posted over the course of the day that's a bit miscellaneous.  I do not think I'll do this in the offseason when there are days without those links, I wouldn't have anything to post.

Check out the most recent FanShots.

Practice #2. We have video and we have non-transcripts (i.e. rough translations for those of you who don't have audio [I don't want audio!]).  Let's do this:

Mike Jinks: Been very impressed with DeAndre (Washington)'s approach, a year removed, almost two from knee surgery. You can tell they put the work in this summer. Proud of Demarcus (Felton), had a burst, had some things to pick up in blitzes, but very impressed with where they (I believe Jinks is talking about Felton and Justin Stockton) are at this point of their career. Just learning how to practice and take care of each other and how to work the right way. I want to see us play as fast without the pads on. The defense couldn't hit you, need to play with that same type of play and aggression.

FS Keenon Ward: Need to calm down and get the plays down, we'll be in good shape. If you're not excited, if everyone is involved, then everyone is going to be good. I believe that excitement is key to playing good.

WR Devin Lauderdale: The transition between JUCO and Division I football is a lot more plays, the transition was hard. Davis is a great quarterback, best quarterback I have played with.

Scalzi to FullBack. According to the LAJ, Tyler Scalzi is a linebacker that was converted to defensive end this spring and is now being converted to back up Rodney Hall at fullback, or as I would like to say, ass-kicking back, because the fullback's job is pretty much just to put a helmet on someone and kick the crap out of them.  This is highly technical stuff here:

"Rodney's going to be a senior, so we've got to start developing someone," running backs coach Mike Jinks said Tuesday.

Practice Report.

Most Underrated. Don Williams thinks about the most underrated players on the roster and have come up with IR Jordan Davis, DT Demetrius Alston, Reshod Fortenberry (I will have trouble remembering to spell his first name with an "e" rather than an "a"), K Ryan Bustin, LG Alfredo Morales and CB Thierry Nguema.  This all seems about right and we could maybe add someone like C Jared Kaster or LB Micah Awe or something like that.

New Dad. Since Mike Jinks was the coach that talked to the media today, we get all sorts of stuff from Jinks, including that he just had his third child with his wife in May and patience is an awesome thing:

"I started late," said Jinks, who is 42. "Most guys my age have kids playing in high school, making their way to college. I've got little ones at home and, really, it's given me, over the last couple of years, a different perspective.

The article also talks about building relationships, which is what recruiting and being a father is all about.  #truth #YouHaveNoIdea

Top 25. Texas Tech is the 25th best selling brand in licensing.

So You're Saying There's a Chance. Athlon Sports considers the darkhorse Heisman Candidates and considers our very own Davis Webb:

Captain Kliff believes in Webb so much that anyone else on the Lubbock campus who can throw a football left town this offseason. Webb proved enough as a freshman last fall to entrench himself as the star of the show at Texas Tech. He threw for over 300 yards five times in just six starts, including 385 yards against Oklahoma and 403 in Holiday Bowl upset win over Arizona State. The offense should provide huge numbers and a few upsets at home (like, say, against Texas or Oklahoma) could put Webb into national conversations.

Position Preview: The Quarterbacks. Enjoy a look at Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes.

Miscellaneous. Crimson and Cream Machine have their secondary ratings and have Texas Tech at #9 (I did go over there and help explain the mess of the secondary situation that it was last year) . . . Bring On the Cats looks at the pros and cons of each head coach and, well, quite frankly, they are just wrong . . . Texas Tech is 25th in the nation in sales and licensing of things (quick side note, the CLC are the folks that sent me the cease and desist letter to change the name from DTN to VTM) . . .