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Walk-Ons to Texas Tech's 2014 Roster

We take a look at the walk-on players that were here in the spring and summer sessions that appear to already be a part of the team.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

There are some new names on the roster that was released when the new heights and weights were released in July for the veterans and I believe that these players were actually here for the summer sessions and in some cases, were here for the spring as well, which is why their information was included on that initial roster break-down.  This isn't a list of all of the walk-ons, just a list of the new walk-ons from the spring up until the new roster is released later today.  Obviously, there are a handful of other walk-ons, such as John White, Bobby Esiaba, Brad Pearson, Zach Austin, Collin Bowen, etc.

  • WR Ja'Deion High (5-11/186): I can't tell all that much about High other than he played at Hereford and according to the release in July.  High did play receiver at Hereford and there just aren't a ton of stats out there that I could find.
  • DS Kyle Heffron (5-10/222): I never would have thought that I would look at the Hudl video of a deep-snapper, but I've done that and I'm linking to it. Heffron is a 5-10/222 deep snapper from Regan in San Antonio. This is one of those things that you don't think about, but you'll notice then when a good one is gone.
  • DE Talor Nunez (6-4/240): Nunez was a quarterback from Midland Lee in the 2013 class and weighed a mere 210 pounds, but when he was weighed in July, he checked in at 6-4/240. I should also mention that Nunez played quarterback despite not having much, if any experience playing that spot. I have no idea what his total stats were, but you can watch highlights. And he is now playing defensive end.
  • OL Hayden Visnson (6-5/289): Vinson is a walk-on from Cisco College.  MikeTTU told you about him a long time ago and he's a lean offensive line prospect.  Vinson was actually here in the spring (as was Nunez I am almost sure) and was competing at the left tackle spot.

There will be additional walk-ons when the new roster is released later today and if I missed anyone, let me know and I'll update this post.