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Red Raider Gridiron: Fehoko Family Is #FOE; Marquez Dedicated to Game

Bradley Marquez is ready to make his mark his senior year. The Fehoko family is "family over everything" and with three sons at or will attend Texas Tech, they mean it. Big 12 coaches discuss stats that matter.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Marquez Dedicated. The LAJ writes about IR Bradley Marquez, who has been a model student-athlete for Texas Tech and is now bunkmates with QB Davis Webb, and how he wants to have the best senior year possible:

"I just wanted to prepare myself as much as possible to have the best possible senior year that I can," he said. "This is my last year. I wanted to leave my mark on Texas Tech, so I felt like this summer was much needed for me to just focus on football and get in the weight room, so hopefully it'll transition in the fall."

Fehoko Family. Really terrific article from ESPN about how the Fehoko family, from Sam Fehoko in previous year, to V.J. Fehoko this year to Breiden Fehoko next year, and what that family means to Texas Tech as well as what Texas Tech means to the Fehoko family:

"That's been a great relationship," Kingsbury said. "Their entire family, through and through, are big-time Red Raiders, obviously. They bring a lot of passion, a lot of energy to the football field."

He's seen that trademark passion in Sam, who's working with program again as an off-field defensive intern, as well as in V.J., a backup for the Utes last year who's already making Texas Tech's defense better.

"Every day he's yelling, screaming, hopping around and excited to be out there," Kingsbury said. "That's contagious to his teammates."

Go read the whole thing.

Stats that Matter. David Ubben asked all of the Big 12 coaches what they thought was the most important statistic and most didn't really have an important statistic.  Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that turnover margin was the biggest thing for him.  Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder had this to say:

"There's a number of statistics you can look at, whether it's third down conversion percentage, how you defend third down, how you do on the goal line, how you do in the red zone, etc. All those stats have some kind of meaning to you, but our investment is in individual player, play by play, how well they performed."


Miscellaneous. Football Study Hall picks week 1 games and predicts a win, but not by the current spread of 28 points and before anyone accuses Bill of being biased for the rest of the year, these picks are done as part of a mathematical formula that he specifically created to disadvantage Texas Tech (this last part of the sentence is completely untrue, but I believe that someone will think this) . . . speaking of betting lines, I didn't really see one for Texas Tech, but 28 points seems about a pretty good betting line from Connelly (not that he's advocating any sort of line) . . . a nice little Big 12 notebook from the Ft. Worth Star Telegram . . . the LAJ has an article about how fast Big 12 teams play, but this article has some formatting problems that made it difficult to follow for me and I would guess it wasn't really ready to publish online . . .