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Texas Tech Announces Campaign for Fearless Champions and South Endzone Buildings

Texas Tech announces it's first specific fundraising campaign and announces plans for a new South endzone facility.

Dropping late last night, Texas Tech released plans for a specific fundraising campaign and plans for a new South endzone facility, which encompasses the following:

  • A new South endzone building with new suites, the only thing missing is the double-T scoreboard.
  • A new football indoor practice facility.
  • A new track and field complex, which will replace the bubble.

You can view the entire gallery of the proposed new facilities and the campaign website.  This campaign has been ongoing and has already built a handful of new facilities including the new indoor soccer practice facility, the new video board, the new United Supermarkets Arena upgrades, and many more facility upgrades.  The campaign calls for $185 million total and $75 million has already been raised.

Here's athletic director Kirby Hocutt:

"We as a Red Raider nation believe we have a bold future in front of us. We embrace the rising expectations we have for ourselves. With that we believe we have the ability to experience unprecedented success as an athletics program as we move forward. The Campaign for Fearless Champions, obviously, is one of the components of our plan as to how we are going to achieve national success. It's the right time for us to look at and prepare for our future. Our time is now to continue to elevate Texas Tech athletics to the top nationally."

This is a huge deal for Texas Tech and the entire athletic department program.  And I'm sure that the old double-T scoreboard will be saved in some form or fashion, there's too many people that want to put it in their backyard for it to go anywhere.

Personal opinion.  This looks absolutely spectacular and it fits with everything that Texas Tech is doing in terms of style of the surrounding area.  Not only that, but Texas Tech will have the nicest looking football facility in the conference.  Hands down. End. Of. Discussion.