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Red Raider Gridiron: A Confident Secondary; Press Conference Called for Friday

A press conference is called for Friday at noon to discuss capital improvements. The secondary is confident heading into the season. The defense is looking to be more consistent this year and the secondary is a confident group heading into the season.

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Press Conference at Noon on Friday. Blayne Beal said that there is a press conference for Friday at noon to make an announcement regarding a capital campaign.  Betcha a wooden nickel that this is about the indoor practice facility and other capital upgrades (this isn't a stretch since this is something that's really already been announced and it's the only thing that the athletic department has going on besides the renovations to the US Arena).  It is my understanding that plans are finally complete and you might get a visual as to what these upgrades are going to look like.  You'll be able to watch on

As a quick aside, there are going to be a ton of links today. You're welcome.

Kingsbury Profile. If you haven't read the Bleacher Report profile on a day in the life of Kliff Kingsbury, you're missing out.  It's very good.

Consistency on Defense. The official Big 12 site has a preview on the team and notes that the team is looking for some consistency on defense from year 1 to year 2:

"I trust him to handle the defense. That's why I hired somebody with that experience. I have a heavy focus on the offense, obviously, coaching the quarterbacks and game planning. So I trust him and that staff with that, and I'm excited about the carryover from year one to year two and see what kind of improvement we've made."

Red Raider Most Likely with Davis Webb.

Confident Secondary. The Daily Toreador talks with S J.J. Gaines and safeties coach Trey Haverty about being a confident group.  DE Branden Jackson talked about having depth at the defensive line and now, Gaines says that depth is the biggest key for this group:

"People talk about how the (secondary) is pretty young, but I think we are pretty good," Gaines said. "We got depth, that's the main thing. If somebody goes down, it's not going to be a big drop off like it was last year. There is more talent."

Haverty also says that going up against elite players and receivers hopefully helps them when the lights are on:

"It absolutely helps, especially in coverage. When you got guys coming at you that are 100-meter runners, that's going to help you. So when you get into a game, hopefully it's a little bit slower for you," Haverty said. "The tempo makes you get lined up faster and makes you think faster. The speed of our receivers helps us."

And speaking of the secondary, fellow S Keenon Ward talks a bit with KCBD about how he knows that he needs to be a leader with this group:

"I just have to come out every day and just lead," Ward said. "I'm looked at now as an experienced returner, so coming in as a starter - it just makes me more motivated to be a leader."

The Fastest. The LAJ ponders who the fastest player it, and has a bunch of candidates, including Jakeem Grant, Tyler Middleton, Justin Stockton, Nigel Bethel II, Reginald Davis, D.J. Polite-Bray while Kingsbury offers up Mike Mitchell as maybe being the fastest (a legitimate 4.39 40-yard dash).

Miscellaneous. This has nothing to do with football, but this is the oral history of the movie, Trading Places . . . SB Nation talked to Kirk Herbstreit and now you get 10 pieces of travel advice from Herby . . . the Ubbenator has a general thoughts column and takes issue with the rule that prevents a walk-on, i.e. Baker Mayfield, from being able to transfer anywhere in conference or anywhere and be immediately eligible. As stated before, he can turn the ball over for other teams . . . it is that time of year for a power poll and the Austin American Statesman has Texas Tech 6th as does the Dallas Morning News . . . congrats to LB D'Vonta Hinton and S Colin Wilder for being named to the Greater Houston All-Area preseason 1st team while ATH Jonathan Giles makes the second team at quarterback . . . CBS Sports ranks college coaches by their playing career and I don't think I care about this at all because I really don't think it matters whether or not you played as a coach can be successful even if they have never played a down of football . . .