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Red Raider Gridiron: Kickoff Luncheon; Marquez Wants to Leave Legacy

The kickoff luncheon was held yesterday and the theme around the athletic department is that there is "no settling at Texas Tech." Bradley Marquez wants to leave a legacy at Texas Tech and the LAJ releases their depth chart.

Dan Friend-USA TODAY Sports

Kickoff Luncheon. The kickoff luncheon was yesterday and there is a bit from the official site, but none of the quips or anecdotes from soccer coach Tom Stone.

The LAJ writes a bit about yesterday's event, and this has to make you feel pretty good about where everyone is focused at Texas Tech, from Coach Stone:"

This is a common theme around our athletic department," Stone said. "You guys need to know that. This is not just fluff. Kirby's got us all scared for our jobs. I'm not kidding.

"There's no settling at Texas Tech right now."

Depth Chart. Dag-nabbit. DoubleTFaithful and I have been working on a depth chart for the better part of a week, in a really nice table format and I finished it last night.  I'll release it later this morning, probably around 8:00 am.  The LAJ released a depth chart and I think we're pretty similar on pretty much every spot although I think we probably differ the most on the offensive line where I think if someone gets injured, Lee Hays is probably going to re-adjust and just the five best players out on the line.  ESPN does one of those position battles at cornerback and this is the one thing that really bothers me, which is that I am not sure that one player has stepped up opposite Justis Nelson.  I hope the coaches are selling some of these guys short publicly and they are comfortable here.  The one thing that I am happy about is that I feel really comfortable that the safeties are pretty deep and talented.

Marquez Wants to Leave Legacy. Via ESPN, IR Bradley Marquez said that he wants to leave a legacy at Texas Tech, which is why he didn't play baseball this summer:

"I just want to be a consistent player and want to do everything possible to help this team win," Marquez said. "That's why I stayed this summer, to better myself in the weight room, [help] the timing [with quarterback Davis Webb\ and be around my teammates."

Ubben Likes Levi. David Ubben gets his mailbag-on and likes NG Rika Levi as a possible break-out player in the Big 12:

I love the big guys who clog up the middle and don't get the statistical recognition for it, and Texas Tech signed a big one out of junior college. Rika Levi has dropped 30 pounds since the winter and is down to just below 350. His coaches want him more around 340. He'll have an adjustment period, but he could fill a big void Kerry Hyder left behind at nose guard. He may not completely change Tech's defense, but he'll be a guy to watch and may be one of the household names in the league soon enough because of his sheer size alone.

Miscellaneous. tl;dr = Texas Tech allowed Baker Mayfield to receive a scholarship, but OU doesn't have any available. Maybe they just used that scholarship on Dorial Green-Beckam.  Texas Tech is holding firm on the stance to not allow Mayfield to be eligible this year.  Meanwhile, Blake Bell is taking snaps at quarterback . . . College Football Talk previews the Big 12 and picks the Red Raiders 4th and the NFL network picks the Red Raiders to finish 5th in the conference . . . 24/7 Sports has their under the radar possibilities, but I'm not sure what they mean by under the radar because a lot of those guys are pretty well known, but I'm probably taking the phrase "under the radar" a bit to literally and not a guy that started all of last year (i.e. like Jake Waters who really isn't under the radar) . . .