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Hub City Hotspots | A Recruiting Update

Several new recruits and a few commits have arrived in Lubbock since last football season.

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Paul Marotta

Food is everywhere, folks. It seems like something new is opening all the time, and a lot has changed since the start of the 2013-14 season. To make matters easier on everyone, I've compiled a completely comprehensive* list that encompasses any and all changes involving eateries and beer-eries around Lubbock.

*Disclaimer: the Author really has no idea how complete this list may be, so chime in with any additional insider info in the comments. Also, capitalizing the word "Author" makes him feel important.

But first, let's get the house in order.

If you're anything like me, things around the house tend to get neglected during the football season. To make life easier, here are some items you may want to pick up at your favorite hardware/grocery store:

  • Roundup - just kill all of the grass early and throw away your mower
  • Bourbon - it's a long time until January, better stock up
  • Diapers - for the kids
  • Beer - not for the kids
  • Fuel - propane, charcoal, wood, pellets, old tennis rackets, rope, etc.
  • Grilling Attire
  • Meat - all kindsall cutsall delicious...

And now that we're all good and hungry, check out the breakdown of new places to frequent when you come to town.

Restaurants & Bars

Alamo Drafthouse
120 W. Loop 289
(806) 368-8887

Churrasca Brazilian Steak House
6013 82nd St
(806) 687-7576

Dunkin' Donuts
7901 University Ave
(806) 686-1306

Freddy's Steakburgers
7732 Milwaukee Ave
(806) 783-0285

Italian Garden
1636 13th St
(806) 771-2212
Note: this may be the best place for Italian in town. The prices are very low, and it's BYOB.

La Madeleine
4406 19th St
(806) 686-3942

Mean Woman Grill
2103 Marsha Sharp Fwy
(806) 368-9472
Note: the Mean Woman was a staple years ago during my time in Levelland at SPC. They took a few years off, moved to Lubbock, and kept the great atmosphere and burgers alive and well. They have live music just about every night. BYOB

Potbelly Sandwich Shop
2402 9th St
(806) 747-5667

5017 Milwaukee Ave
(806) 771-2411

Red Robin
4805 S Loop 289
(806) 794-4800

Steak 'n Shake
5012 Milwaukee Ave
(806) 687-2966

Torchy's Tacos
2407 9th St
(806) 368-8973

Yellow House Coffee
3017 34th St
(806) 702-8997
Note: the folks at Yellow House really take pride in their coffee and exclusively use Oak Cliff Coffee.


Jack in the Box
Note: I don't know what led to the immediate shutdown of all Lubbock locations, and I probably don't want to.

Taco Bueno
Note: click here if you would like to relive this nightmare with me.

Coming Soon

Back 40 Bar & Grill
5214 98th St
Note: the Back 40 is very close to our neighborhood, so the wife and I will definitely be checking this place out once they open August 28th.

Twisted Root Burger Co.
116 W. Loop 289, Ste 200
Note: several VTMers recommended the Twisted Root for the SMU and Baylor games last year. I'm looking forward to having one here in Lubbock right next to Alamo Drafthouse.

I leave you with a quote:

One of the delights of life is eating with friends; second to that is talking about eating. And, for an unsurpassed double whammy, there is talking about eating while you are eating with friends.

Laurie Colwin



Bon appetit, VTM!