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Texas Tech Football: Fall Camp Depth Chart

We take a look at the depth chart for the Texas Tech football team after a full fall camp and leading up to game week.

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Much thanks to DoubleTFaithful (see how I've included him as a contributor above) and we've worked up a fall camp depth chart with just a week and a day to go before the season begins.  We tried very much not to guess, but we did take a few guesses here and there.

Please enjoy the beautiful chart and leave any thoughts in the comments section.

Texas Tech Fall Camp Projected Depth Chart
QB Davis Webb Kingsbury really hasn't given any indication who is running third team so the safe thing is to assume the top two are Webb and Mahomes.
Patrick Mahomes
RB DeAndre Washington Stockton could eventually make a move, but picking up the pass protection part may be better suited to Washington and White. I think all three backs are really surpremely talented and Kingsbury really can't go wrong. Washington is going to be special.
Quinton White
Justin Stockton
FB Rodney Hall Hall could very well see an expanded role in terms of blocking and catching passes out of the backfield.
Tyler Scalzi
WR X D.J. Polite-Bray Earlier this week, Eric Morris talked about how Polite-Bray is still a bit inconsistent and it makes sense for both Polite-Bray and Lauderdale to push each other all year.
Devin Lauderdale
WR Z Reginald Davis In the same interview, Davis is praised by Morris as having an outstanding camp thus far. Cantrell offers something that this team really doesn't have in terms of a big-bodied receiver.
Dylan Cantrell
IR Y Bradley Marquez The expectation is that Marquez will have a huge impact in this role and will make a dangerous combination with Grant opposite him.
Jordan Davis
Caleb Woodward
IR H Jakeem Grant Grant is the star of the show, but we just haven't talked about him as much. Kingsbury said that Grant has had the best camp of any receiver that he has seen. With Sadler and Batson, it appears that it may be a best-man-wins situation
Brent Mitcham
Ian Sadler / Cameron Batson
LT Le'Raven Clark With Clark going to back to tackle, at least for now, the coaching staff has paired Clark and Robertson at left tackle and right guard. I'll be interested to see how that works out, but they are putting the most athletic players at those two spots.
Dominique Robertson
Trey Keenan
LG Alfredo Morales It seems that the Morales Brothers and Brown are your left guards, in some form or fashion.
Baylen Brown
C Jared Kaster Kaster has been the incumbent for the better part of a year and a half and I tend to think that Tony Morales could flip to either guard spot if necessary
Tony Morales
Robert Castaneda
RG Baylen Brown This is the most interesting spot on the line because I'm thinking that Brown is the safest spot, but Robertson could prove to be a pretty valuable addition with his athleticism.  You could probably flip Polk here, and in a moment's notice, Clark could be the starter here.
Dominique Robertson
James Polk
RT Rashad Fortenberry Fortenberry has grown as a player from last year and he's much more solid. We have Outlaw at the back-up spot, but with his injury possible being for some time, then I'm not sure who fills this spot other than the undersized Trey Keenan.
Josh Outlaw
DE Branden Jackson Jackson is the undisputed starter and I think that Alston maybe moves here as there is more depth in the tackle spots. This would allow Barnes and Moore to grow a bit in terms of their size.
Zach Barnes / Demetrius Alston
Gary Moore
DT Demetrius Alston I think that as soon as the JUCO guys catch up, then Alston becomes the back-up end and McElrath and Thorpe fill in here.
Keland McElrath
Brandon Thorpe
NG Jackson Richards Richards should start most of the year, but I think that Levi and Richards split snaps for the most part. Levi is more suited to play this spot, as is Smith.
Rika Levi
Marcus Smith
MLB Sam Eguavoen This is Eguavoen's spot and he's not gong anywhere. Awe is the primary back-up for both spots.
Micah Awe
WLB V.J. Fehoko Considering Fehoko's lack of production at Utah, I'm keenly interested to see how Fehoko steps up his game this year. This team needs for Fehoko to be a force here with Awe filling in. Atoe could fill in both spots too, much like Awe and it seems like the coaches are pretty high on him.
Micah Awe
Sam Atoe / Malik Jenkins
BAND Pete Robertson Robertson needs to be a guy that dominates and pressures the quarterback. With Kris Williams coming off an injury, it would be fantastic if he could push Robertson to be even better.  Ross needs to start making an impact
Kris Williams
Andre Ross
RAID Kenny Williams It appears to be down to Williams and Stewart. Williams is still learning on the job, while Stewart can be inconsistent.  We could probably also add in Dorian Crawford, perhaps in third down situations.
Austin Stewart
Jacarthy Mack
BCB Justis Nelson Nelson seems to be a guy that has locked up a spot, with Nguema being a guy that the coaches continue to mention. Johnson and Madison are discussed as being in the two-deep, so we'll see.
Theirry Nguema
Jah'Shawn Johnson
FCB La'Darius Newbold Newbold continues to work on his consistency and I'm not sure what happens in the two-deep. I'm also not sure that Nguema switches to this spot, but I (Seth) has put him here as an option and Madison as a third-teamer for now. When Nigel Bethel, II has his suspension lifted, this could solve some issues.
Thierry Nguema
Tevin Madison
FS Keenon Ward It appears that Ward, Keys and Hendrix have locked up these spots. Ward was the star of the spring and Keys needs to come on.
Josh Keys
Payton Hendrix
BS J.J. Gaines Like Ward, Gaines has this spot wrapped up with Barnes and Dixon fairly entrenched in their spots. Haverty is probably pretty happy to have this sort of depth.
Jalen Barnes
Derrick Dixon
K Ryan Bustin Not a lot to discuss here except that these guys have all been pretty solid, although Symmank needs to continue to work on his consitency.
P Taylon Symmank
LS David Brenner