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Texas Tech Links: Daniels and S. Davis Not on Roster; Raised Expectations for Defense

RB Byron Daniels and OL Shaquille Davis are not on the roster. There are some raised expectations for the defense. LaAdrian Waddle is fighting for a starting spot with the Detroit Lions.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Texas Tech received a commitment for the 2014 class, Sam Atoe, a Raider sort of linebacker that signed with Cal and then was released by Cal, today in fact, to be eligible immediately.  Atoe played at the same community college, College of San Mateo, is where Rika Levi attended JUCO.  This is terrific news.  Commitment post coming later this morning as soon as I can get it done.

Daniels and Davis Not on Roster. The LAJ is reporting (and I'm sure others are too) that RB Byron Daniels and OL Shaquille Davis are not part of the roster, both being part of the 2014 recruiting class.  Without really knowing, a lot of times at this time of the year, it is grades as to why a player doesn't make the grades to get into one school.  Daniels is headed to Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, while Davis is headed to West Texas A&M.  Good luck to them.

Face to Face. The LAJ also has a bit on how coaches can now meet with players during the summer for two hours per week, which helps players learn the system sooner rather than later:

"We'd go three days a week and we'd do about 30 to 40 minutes," Kingsbury said. "Get him in there and watch film, study scripts and do it all as much as you can do on the board.

"It really helped him a lot, and he'll be able to come in that day one in camp and actually have a clue what he's doing."

Annual Review. The official site released their annual review, which sorta goes through the sports teams including the academic things.  There was also this video that I'll post later today in a separate post.

Raised Expectations for Defense. The ESPN folks talk a bit about how Kliff Kingsbury and the defense have higher expectations this year (a lot of these quotes are from the Big 12 Media Days) because there has been consistency with the scheme.  Also, we get a bit from LB Sam Eguavoen:

"People talk about we have key losses but it's really like we haven't lost anybody," Eguavoen insists. "Because those young guys were learning the scheme at the same time those guys were. They're coming into this season knowing twice as much as those seniors knew about the defense, so I have full confidence in the people behind me, to the left and right of me."

If I had to guess, Eguavoen strikes me as a guy who has never made an excuse about what he's done, or not done, in his life.

Waddle Fighting for Starting Spot. Apparently the Detroit Lions' right tackle last year, La'Adrian Waddle, is battling veteran Corey Hillard for that right tackle spot, but he says the game is slowing down for him:

"I've kind of been through this training camp stuff before, and I kind of know how to go through it and how to work it," he said. "The game's not as fast anymore. It's just slowing down for me, seeing blitzes and pressures. Kind of recognizing based on how the defense is lined up, what they're going to do. Just picking up little tips and stuff like that. Just based on fronts, you can pick up what's going to happen."

Bush Continues to Get Noticed. Now, it is Todd Archer who is taking note that Dartwan Bush is playing well and being noticed at the Dallas Cowboys training camp:

I'm not sure if Dartwan Bush can make it on the 53-man roster but he is making the most of his opportunity. He was at the Cowboys' rookie minicamp on a tryout basis and went unsigned until early June. He has been active (two sacks on Wednesday and Thursday) and is getting more work with DeMarcus Lawrence out with a broken foot. The Cowboys are short on pure right defensive ends and he is getting in the mix the way Ben Bass did a few years ago. Bass used an invite to a rookie camp and earned a spot on the practice squad before a brief promotion to the active roster.