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Red Raider Gridiron: Chiaverini on Special Teams; Updates on Polk, A.Smith and Woodward; Haverty on Safeties

Darrin Chiaverini is working on special teams. Quick updates on James Polk, Anthony Smith and Caleb Woodward, plus Trey Haverty talks a bit about safeties and gives us his current three-deep.

Donald Miralle

Big Money on Special Teams. Man, if this doesn't get you motivated, I don't know what will, here's special teams coach Darrin "Big Money" Chiaverini working those special teams.  Attack the day!

Roster Analysis. Via the LAJ, short blurb from the paper and a quote from a coach.

* RG James Polk: Currently backing up at right guard, the coaches looking for him to be more violent.
* NG Anthony Smith: Working his way into shape after being off all spring, in the mix for a back-up noseguard position.
* IR Caleb Woodward: Worked at safety last year and moved to the Y-reciever.

Haverty on Safeties. Safeties coach Trey Haverty spoke to the LAJ about where he is with the safeties position, including the his projected three-deep of J.J. Gaines, Jalen Barnes and Derrick Dixon at strong safety and Keenon Ward, Josh Keys and Peyton Hendrix at free safety.  Haverty talked a bit about his two freshmen:

"We joke around and say he's an SEC safety," Haverty said. "He's 6-2, 6-3, but he's got good feet to be able to cover people, not have to play in the box necessarily. He's not afraid of contact. I think one more off-season, he's got a chance to be a monster."

Hendrix is listed at 6-foot-3 and 191, a contrast to Dixon, who's 5-10 and 195.

"Derrick's just a playmaker," Haverty said. "Some people shied away from him supposedly for his speed. He didn't run track, but when he's on the field he makes plays."

If you ever had any doubt that the safety position was a mess last year due overall injuries, Keenon Ward and Tanner Jacobson, a redshirt freshman and true freshman, both saw significant playing time and now Jacobson is off and away on a Mormon mission where we hope he returns.

Miscellaneous. The AP released their top 25 yesterday and Texas Tech received some votes . . .