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Viva The Matadors Store: Kingsbury is BAE T-Shirt

You know it's true, Kingsbury is Before Anyone Else, go ahead and grab a t-shirt.

Thanks to the good folks at GameDay Depot, you (and your significant other, can get you a Kingsbury is BAE t-shirt just in time for the start of football season.  For those of you who don't know what this means, BAE is short for Before Anyone Else and Kingsbury recently wore the t-shirt "Beyonce is BAE" during his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, where he challenged Wes Welker, Louis Vasquez and Manny Ramirez . . . and . . . Beyonce.

It's only fitting that he should get one too.  So go visit GameDay Depot for your Kingsbury is BAE t-shirt.