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Red Raider Gridiron: Special Teams Preview; Rowe Talks to Team About Social Media

A look at the special teams, plus ESPN's Holly Rowe talks to the team about their social media presence. An Arkansas fan breaks up with Kliff Kingsbury and Kingsbury has the best response.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for missing so much last night.  I was away from the computer last night with family.  We'll eventually get caught up, but what a day. Isaiah Manderson commits to Tubby Smith and Texas TechBreiden Fehoko signs his financial aid agreement and Kliff Kingsbury accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Special Teams Preview. I really believe that Darrin Chiaverini is going to make a huge impact with the special teams. I believe.

Rowe Visits Texas Tech to Discuss Social Media. Really nice to get ESPN's Holly Rowe in to talk to the team about social media and coach up these players on how they interact with social media. Rowe said that she pulled up some of the tweets from players and asked them if this is how they wanted to be seen by the public.  There is no better way to draw attention to something than to call out the players in that room.  Good stuff.

Kingsbury is My Bae Forever.  Reddit user mrs_pamrobles, an Arkansas fan, "broke up" with head coach Kliff Kingsbury (they weren't really dating, it was a terrific idea on Pam's part) and Kingsbury's wrote her back and it was just terrific.

Check out the most recent FanShots.

Roster Analysis. From the LAJ, a short blurb in the linked article with a quote from a coach about each player:

* LB V.J. Fehoko: Made a quick impression in the spring and plays with emotion and intensity.
* LB Sam Atoe: May redshirt, has a lot of energy and emotion and a student of the game.
* LB Austin Stewart: Very athletic and not consistent with his play.

Freshman Power Rankings. ESPN has their freshman power rankings and QB Patrick Mahomes is ranked #9, but from listening to Chris Level, we may want to think about ranking RB Justin Stockton.#

Miscellaneous. Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon has been charged with "acts resulting in gross injury" for the following:

According to the affidavit, Amelia Molitor - the alleged victim - told officers at the scene that Mixon directed a gay slur toward her male friend.

Molitor was not charged in the incident.

The surveillance video showed Molitor, 20, pushed Mixon, who then lunged at her. Molitor reacted by slapping Mixon, who then hit Molitor with his closed right fist.

Molitor fell into a table and then to the ground, where she was unconscious, as Mixon fled the scene.

. . . ESPN has a neat infographic where they surveyed 95 players on the new playoff system and other things . . . college football blog, The Student Section, previews the Big 12 . . . the Dallas Morning News has a cool infographic (that's two in one morning) on the top 100 players in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, including three Texas Tech commits . . . LAJ's Don Williams writes about the recent trend of college football teams going to a camp, like UTEP went to Alpine for camp, and wonders if Texas Tech did this, where would they go . . .