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Red Raider Gridiron: Pressure on Webb; Scott, Jr. Talks Defensive Line

Head coach Kliff Kingsbury is going to put more pressure on Davis Webb. John Scott, Jr. talks about improvement on the defensive line. A look at Tony Morales, Jalen Barnes and Josh Keys.

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John Weast

Pressure on Webb. Per the LAJ, head coach Kliff Kingsbury said that they are going to be putting a lot more pressure on QB Davis Webb to have better plays:

"I think we're going to put a lot more on him to get us into better plays than we did last year," Kingsbury said. "(When) you've got two true freshmen, you want to try and call the perfect play for them and then let them operate in it.

"I feel like Davis has a much better understanding of what I'm trying to get at, we're kind of seeing the same things out there, so he's going to take a bigger role for getting us into the right play."

The article goes on to say that Webb knows that Kingsbury is the best offensive coordinator in the country and if he's calling something, there's a reason for it and that's a really good thing, that he's trusting Kingsbury to know when to go deep or go for the underneath stuff.

Scott, Jr. Talks Defensive Line and Improvement. I've got your non-transcript for those that can't listen to the video:

I think right now, we're seeing some improvements from week 1 to week 2, still a long way to go. Seeing some improvements. In the middle of two-a-days. We are having to push with pads on and the offense is going 100 mph, guys have to execute and be solid but there is improvement. [Biggest difference?] The attitude, the kids know what to expect and I would say that mentally, just being able to hear the same verbiage, the same defense, is way better than when we got here. [For Saturday's second scrimmage.] We are looking to see if we improved on some of those things we did incorrectly and get those things corrected. I want to see the guys play 100 mph and just see and if these guys can go as hards as they can go and as long as they can go and we'll get you out of there.

Prediction Machine. So when people post odds and things like the Prediction Machine, we, the folks in the sports writing industry (sports!) all get a blast email from a guy that essentially does this for a living (I am not a unique flower).  So we all essentially get the same information at the same time.  The Prediction Machine runs a simulator maybe 5 or 6 times and comes out with a result and the results for Texas Tech are as follows:

Texas Tech Raiders
Power Rank
: 25
Offensive Rank: 4
Defensive Rank: 82
Projected Regular Season Record: 7.5 - 4.5
Conference Standing: 3
Projected Bowl: Russell Athletic
Biggest Strength: Pass Offense
Greatest Weakness: Pass Defense
Breakout Candidate: Rika Levi, DT

For comparison purposes, Texas Tech was 84th in total defense last year, so a very slight uptick in productivity, but I think it will actually be a bit more than that.  I'm hopeful that it is in the 70's or so and I do think the pass defense will struggle, but pretty much all of the defense will be significantly improved in 2015.

Hocutt on Recruiting. I'm not going to really quote any of this because I think you need to just go read the whole thing, but Wreck'Em 24/7's Daniel Pauling talks with Kirby Hocutt about all sorts of recruiting things.

Roster Analysis. From the LAJ, a short blurb about each player and then a quote from a coach.  Make sure and click on the link for the quote from the coach.

* C Tony Morales:  Injured for the past three years is back on the field participating and taking good snaps with the second team.
* SS Jalen Barnes:  Another guy injured all of last year is cleared and running with the second team and coaches feel that he must be a physical player.
* FS Josh Keys:  Wasn't in shape when he arrived and still has a long ways to go, but is a hard worker and answers with "yes sir".

Fehoko Is One of the Best. I love local news casts and this guy has something.  Anyway, short bit about Texas Tech commit Breiden Fehoko and he talks about how all of the other Hawaii players are some pretty good Division I players.

"We I mean we take a lot of pride, I mean the class of 2015 alone has I mean so much scholar athletes, division 1 bound," said Fehoko. "It's such an honor and a blessing that we're able to not only do this for our class, but for the upcoming classes. Set the stepping stones for them and set the bar higher for each and every class that comes through."

Miscellaneous. Photos from Totally Texas Tech, they've planted some native grass near Soapsuds and Will Rogers and I'm liking it . . . congrats to QB Davis Webb for being named to the Manning Award Watch List and Le'Raven Clark being named to the 2nd team USA Today All-America team . . . this is actually a pretty long read as the CBS Sports experts preview the Big 12 and I have no idea why Dennis Dodd thinks that Texas Tech is overrated (really) . . . per the LAJ, Robert Castaneda is making waves at guard and center, plays with a mean streak . . .