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What's Your Major? The Majors of Texas Tech's Football Team

Curious as to what the majors are for the Texas Tech football team? Well, we've got the answers here.

That's a petroleum engineer major (Awe), an art and sciences major (Richards) and engineering major (Winbush) right there.
That's a petroleum engineer major (Awe), an art and sciences major (Richards) and engineering major (Winbush) right there.
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

We had a discussion a while back about the majors of college athletes and it sparked some curiosity as to what the majors were for the football team.  So, I've listed all of the ones that I could find.  This actually took a bit of time because I had to click on a player, look at the major, then write it down, and then go to the next one.  There is a good chance that I may have missed a player, just from all of the clicking back and forth.  Generally speaking, this really isn't all that bad.  Only 2 university study majors and I think you'll find 2 human science majors (I'm guessing something like sociology) and 1 actual sociology major (Justis Nelson).

I also didn't include any true freshmen.  The ones that I did click on simply didn't list a major at all, so I skipped them for the most part.

Again, I'm sure I've missed something, but I'd love your input or notes or thoughts about any of this.

And for the record, I'm quite proud here.  Yes, there are a lot of undeclared players, but a ton of those were true freshmen last year and a large portion of those remaining 8 are actually pretty young too.  Personally, I didn't have a major for the first two and a half years of my collegiate career because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (and in some respect, I'm still not sure).  By the time these players get to the point of junior or senior, they've pretty much selected a major that's a pretty good major that they can make a living doing later in life.

The only one that surprised me is that there is maybe some glitch in that Le'Raven Clark doesn't even have a place to list a major.

* 4 engineers (Micah Awe, Collin Bowen, Jared Kaster and Zach Winbush)
* 7 exercise and sports science (Demetrius Alston, Dylan Cantrell, Jakeem Grant, Bradley Marquez, Davis Webb and Quinton White)
* 9 business majors (Jalen Barnes, Ryan Bustin, Shawn Corker, Tyler Middleton, Donte Phillips, Pete Robertson, Anthony Smith and Austin Stewart)
* 21 undeclared redshirt freshmen or higher classification, 13 of these were true freshmen last year
* 1 finance (Reginald Davis)
* 2 art (Sam Eguavoen and Jackson Richards)
* 2 university studies (Reshod Fortenberry and Jordan Davis)
* 2 human sciences (Dorian Crawford and James Polk)
* 1 criminology (Branden Jackson)
* 1 wildlife management (Trey Keenan)
* 1 history (Baylen Brown)
* 1 unknown (Le'Raven Clark)

Demetrius Alston - Exercise and Sports Science
Sam Atoe - Undeclared
Micah Awe - Petroleum Engineering
Brandon Bagley - Undeclared
Jalen Barnes - Business Management
Zach Barnes - Undeclared
Collin Bowen - Computer Engineering
Baylen Brown - History
Ryan Bustin - Business Management
Dylan Cantrell - Exercise and Sports Science
Le'Raven Clark - None listed
Shawn Corker - Business
Dorian Crawford - Sports Management
Jordan Davis - University Studies
Reginald Davis - Finance
Sam Eguavoen - Art
Reshad Fortenberry - University Studies
J.J. Gaines - Undeclared
Jakeem Grant - Exercise and Sports Sciences
Cody Hayes - Undeclared
Martin Hill - Human Sciences
Branden Jackson - Criminology
Malik Jenkins - Undeclared
Jared Kaster - Petroleum Engineering
Trey Keenan - Wildlife Management
Jacarthy Mack - Undeclared
Bradley Marquez - Exercise and Sports Science
Tyler Middleton - Business
Gary Moore - Undeclared
Alfredo Morales - Undeclared
Tony Morales - Undeclared
Justis Nelson - Sociology
La'Darius Newbold - Undeclared
Thierry Nguema - Undeclared
Josh Outlaw - Mass Communications
Donte Phillips - Business
D.J. Polite-Bray - Undeclared
James Polk - Human Sciences
Jeremy Reynolds - Mass Communications
Jackson Richards - Arts and Sciences
Pete Robertson - Business Marketing
Andre Ross - Undeclared
Anthony Smith - Business
Austin Stewart - Business
Poet Thomas - Undeclared
Keenon Ward - Undeclared
DeAndre Washington - Undeclared
Davis Webb - Exercise and Sports Science
Dominique Wheeler - Undeclared
Quinton White - Exercise and Sports Science
Kenny Williams - Nutritional Science
Zach Winbush - Engineering
Kahlee Woods - Undeclared
Caleb Woodward - Undeclared