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Like Viva The Matadors on Facebook!

Viva The Matadors enters a brave new world as we have a new contributor to assist on Viva the Matador's Facebook page.

Michael C. Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

Hey everybody!

One of the things that I'm really not very good at in terms of VTM is promoting VTM via Facebook. In fact, I'd guess that a lot of you really don't even have a clue that VTM even has a Facebook page that I tried to promote (I did not do this well at all).

Last week, I was lamenting that one of the new metrics that SB Nation wants us to improve upon is "unique" visitors, which is really almost like your first entry on the site in a given day and anyone else that's new. VTM is great at repeat business, but not real good at reaching out to new folks.

Lucky for me and you, TMacRaider emailed me and asked if she could help. As you might expect, I jumped at the opportunity to have someone help with something that I'm pretty terrible at.

So, if you haven't already, please like VTM on Facebook and welcome TMacRaider on board.