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Red Raider Gridiron: USA Today on Texas Tech; Updates on White, Fortenberry and Polite-Bray

The USA Today thinks that Texas Tech is the 29th best team in the country and has a fantastic preview. We have updates on RB Quinton White, RT Reshod Fortenberry and WR D.J. Polite-Bray.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Think a Good Thought. A family of four from Argyle was killed in New Mexico over the weekend.  Michael Miller was a proud Red Raider.  Think a good thought for those family members and friends that will pick up the pieces from this horrific tragedy.

USA Today on Texas Tech. Paul Myerberg of the USA Today previews every FBS team and ranks them in order.  Up yesterday was Texas Tech, which he projects as the #29 team in the nation.  It's a terrific review and it is good to hear how Myerberg thinks that Texas Tech is really under the radar and that the Texas Tech offense is going to be spectacular:

That's my take. The offense is going to be absolutely superb, challenging Baylor for tops in the Big 12. Webb in particular will be a breakout star. In total, a full offseason in Kingsbury's system will pay enormous dividends. Tech has some holes to fill on defense - but this is the Big 12, and you can win nine-plus games with a superb offense and a slightly above-average defense. You can't win the conference altogether, of course, and Tech's not finishing ahead of Oklahoma, Baylor and Kansas State. You can still make noise, still rattle some cages, still send a message and still create even more momentum. Tech will do all those things, winning at least eight and perhaps nine games during the regular season.

Go read the whole thing.

Roster Analysis. The LAJ takes three players and grabs a quote from a coach about that player.  See the link for the quote.

* RB Quinton White: Approached the game in a more serious fashion and expectations are that White will be a significant contributor this year.
* RT Reshod Fortenberry: Hard worker that played left tackle in the spring and could play left tackle if the need arises due to an injury.
* WR D.J. Polite-Bray: The son of a coach knows some of the finer points, but must study film to take the next step.

Intriguing. Yahoo! Sports looks at the 25 most intriguing head coaches and our very own Kliff Kingsbury comes in at #23:

23. Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech: The Kliff Kingsbury Is Handsome storyline was A) boring and B) played out in 2013. But then Kingsbury admitted on the Dan LeBatard Show in the spring that he has flirted with the moms of recruits and used his looks as a recruiting advantage, so there it is again. After losing his last five Big 12 games in his debut season, it's time to prove he's more than just a pretty face.

Miscellaneous. I always enjoy this each year, which is SI's college football television roundtable where they talk all things television with some pretty big writers. . .