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Red Raider Gridiron: Updates on Micah Awe, Andre Ross & Kris Williams; Rodney Hall Has It All

We have some updates on players Micah Awe, Andre Ross and Kris Williams, plus Rodney Hall is dating a former pageant queen and is the starting fullback for Texas Tech.

Donald Miralle

Roster Analysis. Today, the LAJ looks at three more players with a short blurb and then a quote from a coach on the player.

* LB Micah Awe:  Played some outside linebacker last year, but the coaches like him inside, tends to overanalyze things and just needs to cut loose.
* LB Andre Ross:  Needed to grow up last year, has a ton of talent, but is still learning the position and the coaches want a player to step up and take some snaps from Pete Robertson
* LB Kris Williams:  Coming off a knee injury, coaches think he will be special if he can be healthy and back up Robertson.

Hall Has It All. We get a nice profile from the LAJ of FB Rodney Hall who is dating Miss Lubbock 2013 and working his way into the offense.  Here's RB coach Mike Jinks on Hall:

"He probably has the best hands in our room. And he's more graceful than people think, so when you slip him out on bootlegs and things of that nature, (the defense) has to hold back side a little bit and account for him, because he can hurt you. Arizona State's a testament to that."

And Jinks also said that last year, Hall worked his way into the lineup by working on things mentally because the coaches were working on installing their system:

"We (new coaches) were getting in, having to teach a new offense," Jinks said. "He kind of picked up the system without getting a rep. Everything he did was mentally, by watching, learning vicariously, which also impressed me."